#Wood Icing ~ How to make a dresser look like Wood Carving!


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I discovered a way to make a plain dresser look like it was wood carved, the product I discovered is Wood Icing™ .  I stumbled across this product on the internet and was so excited to try this out on my boring plain dresser drawer fronts.  I love this product and how it transformed my dresser drawers.  

Stenciled Dresser ~ Wood Icing-Tutorial on how to make a dresser look wood carved.

I purchased 2 dressers from Goodwill that were plain and boring and I had no idea at the time what I was going to do make them pretty.  Once I started to have ideas, I discovered the Wood Icing™, and knew this product would be the answer for these dressers.  

Stenciled Dresser ~ Wood Icing- plain drawer beforeI was so excited to start this project but the weather has been damp and cold and was preventing me from working in my garage, so I decided I would start the dresser drawers and bring them in the house.  See how plain these are.  The dressers were solid wood and in good shape, so I could not pass up the deal in spite of boring.  

Stenciled Dresser ~ Wood Icing- adding primer

I started by priming the drawers.  If you are using a chalk paint, you can skip this step.  I decided to use Modern Masters paint in Champagne, and they recommend priming before painting.  The next step was to paint on 2 coats of my base paint (Champagne).

Stenciled Dresser ~ Wood Icing- Using Modern Masters Metallic Paint

I would recommend to apply the base coat so you will have a uniform color all around the edges of the product.  

Stenciled Dresser ~ Wood Icing- Texture Paste

Now the fun begins!  Place your stencil on your project and secure by using a spray adhesive or securely taping your stencil so it does not shift while you are applying the texture paste.    

Stenciled Dresser ~ Wood Icing- applying with stencils

Apply a generous amount of the texture paste over the stencil.  Using the “off set knife” at a slight angle, evenly remove the extra texture paste.  You can place the scrapped off texture paste back into the jar. Once you have the texture pasted smoothed and even, carefully remove your stencil.  I would recommend wiping off the remaining paste from the stencil with a baby wipe, so you are not rinsing all the product down your drain.  

Stenciled Dresser ~ Wood Icing-

Cinnamon – The Professional Photo Bombing Dog!

Let the texture paste dry completely, overnight.  Use a medium grit sand paper and sand over the pattern to smooth out any peaks and rough surfaces.  Apply 2 more coats of paint over the design.  The great thing about this product is it can be stained.  You could use it on wood furniture and stain it to match your wood piece.  The possibilities are endless!

Stenciled Dresser ~ Wood Icing- furniture glazing in licorice

 I applied furniture glazing in licorice over the painted design.  I sealed the drawer front before applying.  Usually when using a light color paint and a dark glaze, sealing maybe required to give the glaze a longer working time.  This glaze has a quick dry time, so this was needed for this piece.  I used a small slightly damp sponge to apply the furniture glaze, applying on the edges and over the raised design.  I cant wait to finish the dresser frame and share the completed project.  

Stop over to the  Wood Icing™ site and blog to see the great project ideas.  They also have a great selection of colors in the furniture glazing along with fissure size and other products.  I will be using this on more decorative pieces as well as plain boring furniture.

I used the Micah stencil from Royal Design Stencils, for these dressers.  I also have a giveaway happening that you can enter to win a stencil of your choice.  Click on the image below to enter to win.  

Royal Design Studio Stencil Giveaway


 Stenciled Dresser ~ Wood Icing-12

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    Beautiful! This looks absolutely stunning…thanks for sharing!

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    Absolutely stunning effect! Love your work, Thank you for sharing.

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    This is elegant and simply classic!

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