Online Furniture Painting Workshops!

It is FINALLY here!  Today is the day that I am opening up my Online Furniture Painting Workshops.  

online furniture painting workshops

This has been a distant dream of mine to be able to reach other DIY’ers like me.  I already teach furniture painting workshops in my local store in Hartville Ohio and I can only teach those of you who are local.  So began the dream of teaching others how to paint online.  

Modern Vintage Paint Workshops

First Hurdle: I have a confession to make, I have a huge fear of speaking in front of others.  I discovered from teaching these local furniture paint workshops, that I really love to teach others how to paint.  I was never nervous or uneasy about teaching and showing others how it was done.    So, the second major hurdle for me was to get over my fear of being on camera and making videos.  I started to make a few DIY videos and quickly discovered it was just me and the camera and I could edit out the stupid things I say.  

How to Prep Furniture Graphics
So this is me filming a video.

  The next hurdle was learning how to shoot and edit my videos.  It is hard enough to learn photography, which I am still trying to master, now I had to learn everything there is to know about DIY videos.  I found that this was much harder than filming the video.  So a year later, I am finally launching my online furniture painting workshops.  

How to prep furniture- Free Workshop- Designed Decor 326x228

I wanted to offer everyone the opportunity to view my FREE Workshop on How to prep Furniture.  You can view this workshop to see how my furniture painting workshops are laid out and the amount of information and detail I give.  

The other workshops I am offering at launch are: 

step-by-step- staining-painting-waxing

Stripping – Staining – Painting – Waxing 101 – Learn how to strip, stain, paint, and wax an outdated furniture piece. You will learn all the tips and tricks to properly refinish furniture. You will learn how to strip using 3 different methods, how to stain and seal, how to paint and seal with wax. This course is packed full of training and knowledge on the basic steps involved in getting started with furniture refinishing. You will learn the proper tools and products to use. The entire course is demonstrated on an antique dresser from start to finish.

step-bystep-how to glaze furniture

How to Glaze Furniture  Learn how to glaze furniture and cabinets, in this How to Glaze Workshop. You will learn all the tips and tricks needed to glaze your next project. You will see the actual transformation on a painted piece of furniture. You will learn the tools and products needed for your next project transformation.

How to paint hardware- 4 techniques

How to Paint Furniture Hardware –  In this workshop, you will learn 4 different techniques to finish your furniture hardware. The 4 finishes are Classic Metallic, Chalk Painted with glaze and wax, Chippy distressed, and Rub N Buff. You will learn the process involved for each finish as well as the best products to use for that finish.

How to create a driftwood paint finish

Driftwood Paint Technique – Learn to achieve the popular “driftwood” look with paint. You will learn the 4 EASY steps involved in creating a driftwood effect on furniture, cabinets or walls. See the step by step transformation on actual furniture pieces. You will also learn how to mix paints and the proper ratios needed on creating the driftwood effect with only one base paint color.

How to lime paint furniture

How to Lime Paint – This workshop includes a very detailed step by step video tutorial on how to achieve an aged paint look using lime paint. This technique can be used on walls and much more than just furniture. Lime paint is a great way to hide flawed furniture. You will see the transformation on an actual piece of furniture and not just a small sample board.

How to add Plaster Texture to furniture

How to Plaster Furniture – Learn how to add plaster to furniture to achieve an old aged paint look. You can learn how to give texture to an outdated plain piece of furniture. You will learn what products and inexpensive tools to use to achieve this look. You will learn how to color mix the plaster to have a variegated plaster look using different colors. You will see the transformation on an actual piece of furniture.


I will continually add new painting techniques to my online furniture painting workshops, so make sure you subscribe to my blog and join the Designed Decor community.  You can also follow me on youtube as I will be adding more DIY videos.   

Thank you for supporting me and my DIY journey as I continue to grow, learn and teach others.  



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