Ohio Bloggers Map

Below is my Ohio Bloggers Map!  


This map was created to help connect and find some local bloggers in your area or blogger niche.  When I first started blogging, I thought I was the only one out there.  As I continued to blog, I began to discover how many Ohio Bloggers are just like me.  So I decided to create a map so we all can find one another and make some great connections.   

Black = DIY/Home Decor ~ Blue= Crafts ~ Red=Food ~ Orange=Travel ~ Green=Lifestyle ~ Purple=Beauty/Fashion ~ Pink=Mommy/SAHM ~ White=Other

Would you like to be added to the Ohio Bloggers Map?  Fill out the questionnaire below and I will add you to the map.  Please feel free to share with other Ohio bloggers so we can grow and find our local Ohio Bloggers and support one another in this wonderful journey we are all on.   Please feel free to reach out to local bloggers in your area by contacting them through their websites.  

Ohio Bloggers Questionnaire


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