Learn to Paint Furniture

Are you wanting to learn how to paint furniture and just can’t find the time in your busy schedule to go to a local workshop?

Are you frustrated with all the conflicting tutorials on “how-to” or “what products”?

Are you eager to learn a new paint technique and afraid you will mess it up? 


"It was a really incredible experience for me. I was able to pause and rewind the video so I could work at my own pace. I found the video and instructions easy to follow along. "

 –Sandra F.


Let's face it--there's nothing more frustrating than painting furniture that looks like a toddler painted it, and to feel like you'll never learn how to paint and never actually have that beautifully painted statement piece. And there's nothing more disheartening than spending the time painting--only to hate it and have to paint it again.

You know that you should not be afraid to try a new paint technique. Maybe you've even tried and just did not have the proper products and easy tutorials.

Other people make it look so easy. But for you, it's been anything but. You thought that the hard part was finding the time, but as it turns out, that was only just the beginning. And now you feel like you must be missing something.

And you're not alone. Most DIY furniture painters are struggling like you.

The truth is that having guided tutorials is a game-changer, one that will SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY, and even TURN YOU INTO A FURNITURE PAINTER.

The problem? PRODUCT OVERWHELM, CONFLICTING TUTORIALS, and WASTED TIME often make furniture painting more trouble than it's worth.

But what if there was a way to make sure you got it right?


And I want to help you learn how to paint, once and for all.

I was once in your shoes doing every search available to find some helpful information on how to paint furniture. I became confused about which paint to use and what techniques to try. I read so much conflicting information my head was spinning. I am sure you are feeling this same frustration and are afraid to start.

If you are like me, you want to learn how to paint your own pieces for your home or you may be thinking you might turn this into a part-time business. Let me help you cut to the chase and learn the easy way to paint furniture.

Once I began to learn the basics of painting, I discovered it was not as hard as I was making it to be. I just needed to stop searching and start painting.

I have 8+ years of furniture painting experience. I have taught in-person paint classes, as well as online furniture painting workshops, I created beautifully painted pieces for my home as well as sold painted furniture for an income.

Start to create your own beautifully painted pieces and let me help by teaching you all the things I have discovered over the years.


Imagine having guided video tutorials

for ALL skill levels...

Beginner Workshops

These video workshops are for those who have never painted furniture or have attempted and still feel uncomfortable at achieving the results.

Each workshop includes a step-by-step how-to video with all the tips and tricks to successfully complete the furniture finish. You will also receive a complete list of the tools and products to achieve the same lasting results.

Basic Furniture Transformations

Perfect beginner workshop where you will learn how to strip, stain, paint, and wax furniture.

  •  8 video lessons on how to strip, stain, paint, distress, and wax
  • EASY step by step in-depth video tutorials
  • BONUS TRAINING: 3 Video lessons- how to glaze, paint furniture hardware, and paint blending technique




Glazing Furniture

Use this technique for furniture and cabinets

  • Discover the best products, and the proper tools to use for wet glazing
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions
  • Great for all skill levels




  • Learn 4 different paint finishes: Classic Metallic, Chalk Painted with glaze or wax, Chippy distressed, and Rub N Buff.
  • See the step-by-step process involved for each finish in this video tutorial.
  • Discover the best products to use to achieve each of the 4 finishes. 


"I was so inspired after taking the furniture refinishing classes from DeDe. I had been wanting to start some furniture re-dos, but just didn't know where to start. These classes teach you everything you need to know from how to prepare the piece to be refinished (cleaning, making any repairs, etc) to putting on the sealer coats. I've had a couple of small tables waiting for years to be refinished, & I finally have started the process, thanks to DeDe's classes. I liked that I could watch the videos when I had time & now that I've started the process, I can refer back to the videos as I'm going along. The videos are always available to me.  All in all, I found the classes very informative and easy to follow. She explains everything in depth and in a way, I can easily understand.  If you're on the fence about any of DeDe's classes, I would recommend you take the plunge, I don't think you'll be sorry you did!! "

 –Kathi R.

Intermediate Workshops

These video workshops are for those who have painted a few pieces and are ready to learn new techniques.

Each workshop includes a step-by-step how-to video with all the tips and tricks to successfully complete the furniture finish. You will also receive a complete list of the tools and products to achieve the same lasting results.

Natural Distressing

  •  The Natural Distress Paint finish is completed with a paintbrush only and NO sandpaper and messy cleanup.
  • Use any paint color and paint brands to achieve this natural distress finish.
  • This technique can also be used over a base paint color for a layered look.



Paint Blending

  • Paint Blending adds dimension and beauty to furniture, cabinets, or walls
  • Use any paint color and paint brands
  • Learn an Ombre paint finish along with a highlight/shading finish


Paint Pouring

  • Paint Pour adds dimension and beauty to furniture
  • Use any combination of paint color
  • Bonus material: Sharing sample boards with 3 different paint types, 9 different brands, and what is the best type of paint to use with the paint pouring technique




  • Learn the 4 EASY steps involved in creating a driftwood effect with paint on furniture.
  • Discover how to mix paints and the proper ratios needed for creating the driftwood effect with only one base paint color. This technique saves you money by only using 1 color of paint and not having to buy 3 different colors.
  • This driftwood paint technique uses no messy oil-based stain




  • This workshop includes a very detailed step-by-step video tutorial on how to achieve an aged paint look using 1 coat of lime paint.
  • This technique can be used on furniture, walls, and much more.
  • Lime paint is a great way to hide flawed furniture that is missing veneer or is really scratched. You will see the transformation on a dresser from start to finish




  • Learn what products and inexpensive tools to use to achieve this aged plaster technique.
  • Discover how to color mix to create a variegated plaster look using different colors to add depth
  • Learn how to add plaster to furniture to achieve an old-aged paint look. Give an outdated plain piece of furniture a new look.


"Thank you for the paint pour tutorial. It gave me the confidence to redo my old kitchen table. "

 –Elizabeth L.

Advanced Workshops

These video workshops are for those who have painted using different finishes and just want to learn a "new technique" that is different from just straight painting.

Each workshop includes a step-by-step how-to video with all the tips and tricks to successfully complete the furniture finish. You will also receive a complete list of the tools and products to achieve the same lasting results.

Powder Glazing

  •  Powder Glazing adds dimension and beauty to furniture or cabinets without the frustrations of wiping the wet glaze off the carving details or insets.
  • Use any paint color and paint brands
  • Bonus material: Share 5 different paint brands(types) with powder glazing and which brand has the best results



Paint Meshing

  • Color Paint Meshing adds dimension and beauty to furniture, cabinets, or walls
  • Use any paint color and paint brands
  • Bonus material: Share sample boards with different paint types and what is best to use with the color meshing technique


"Your powder glazing video was very informative and it helped me to achieve the same finish. I loved seeing the makeover completed on a piece of furniture."

 –Lori L.


I am a self-taught creative entrepreneur, with no fancy art degrees, so that makes me just like you.  I have many years of experience and mistakes and I teach all the tips and tricks I have learned over 8 years of painting.  I do not use fancy tools or really expensive products.  All my classes are down to earth so you can learn in a comfortable environment.

All the Furniture Painting Workshops are self-paced online videos, designed to help you master a "new to you" paint technique so that you can confidently paint your next piece of furniture.

These furniture painting workshops are originally created to help DIY'ers achieve beautifully painted furniture without the fear of messing up, with the easy self-guided step-by-step video tutorials.

If you are a DIY'er of ANY skill level, or if you need someone to show you how this is an opportunity that I promise you will not want to miss.

Hands-On Video Trainings

Each workshop includes a comprehensive step-by-step video training. See the entire transformation on furniture pieces and not small sample boards.

Easily pause and rewind the videos as needed.

Lifetime access to the video trainings.

PDF Product & Tools Lists

Receive a downloadable PDF list of the products used in each training video. This PDF serves as an easy product and tools reference list that includes links to all products.

This makes it easy to shop for paint products without watching the video and listing what you need.

Private Facebook Group

All members are invited to our PRIVATE Facebook group where you have access directly to me to help answer any of your painting questions.

The group also shares completed projects to share inspiration for all the members.


Is Online Furniture Workshops Right For Me?


  • Each workshop includes step-by-step video training.
  • A bonus video on how to prep furniture the proper way.
  • Invitation to my private Facebook group where you can have access to me to answer all your questions.

All workshops are self-paced digital workshops that you view in the comforts of your own home. You do not receive a physical product.

Each workshop is designed for different skill levels

  • Step-by-Step Hands-on Video Instructions
  • Downloadable PDF includes all products used for technique
  • All tutorials completed on Furniture and not small sample boards


You will have instant access.


Purchase using a current email address. You will receive an email with details and a link to your training video. Bookmark the link for easy return access and viewing.


If you are someone who has a limited home decorating budget and likes to tackle easy DIY projects, these workshops are perfect for you. If you have limited time to self-learn, these workshops save time by providing all the painting information you will need. If you need step-by-step guidance and are a visual learner, you will benefit from the video tutorials.


Once you purchase the workshops, you have lifetime access. You can review and watch the workshops as many times as you need.


100% satisfaction guaranteed to start achieving painted furniture transformations. You must do the work in order to have lasting results to achieve guaranteed satisfaction. Due to the nature of instant download access, we do not offer a full refund. However, we want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase, so please reach out with questions regarding our tutorials and process.

"I was looking for advice on products/brands and techniques and discovered I used the wrong brush on an end table I painted. I am still learning and the video tutorials have been very helpful. "

 –Becky S.