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I was once in your shoes doing every search available to find some helpful information on how to paint furniture. I became confused about which paint to use and what techniques to try. I read so much conflicting information my head was spinning. If you are feeling this same frustration or are afraid to start, I totally get it.

Do you want to learn how to paint your own furniture pieces? Or you may be thinking you might turn this into a part-time business. Let me help you cut to the chase and learn the easy way to paint furniture.

Once I began to learn the basics of painting, I discovered it was not as hard as I was making it to be. I just needed to stop searching and start painting.

I have 8+ years of furniture painting experience. I have taught in-person paint classes, as well as online furniture painting workshops, I created beautifully painted pieces for my home, which has saved me thousands of dollars and it has earned me a great part-time income.

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