Are you Frustrated with

  • Missing Puzzle Pieces

  • Moving your puzzle board

  • Cats lying on puzzle

  • Dogs eating the pieces

  • Clutter

  • Not using your table for dinner

  • Pieces falling off the edges

  • Having to move or store your puzzle board

Hide the Clutter

  • Easy flip open/close tabletop 

  • Recessed workspace  

  • Opposing Drawers

Keeps Pet Off

  •  Separate pets from puzzle 

  • Eliminates lost pieces

  • Prevents chewed pieces

Reclaim Your Table

  • Accommodates versatile lifestyles 

  • Close tabletop when not puzzling

  • Perfect for small spaces

Jigsaw Puzzle Table

Perfect for Senior Living Centers

  • Allows puzzle loving residents to open the lid to work on a puzzle

  • Allows for additional activities to be performed at the same table without messing up the jigsaw puzzle in progress

  • Close the lid for additional games, cards or crafts

We only completed 500 piece puzzles in the past. Now, this table allows us to work on 1000 piece puzzles due to the extra drawers and the convenience of the recessed workspace.
Jim - Resident
Canton Christian Home

Become the Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzler

Jigsaw Puzzle Piece

Make Peace with Pets & Puzzles

Efficiently & Easily Complete Puzzles

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