HELPING to make jigsaw puzzling easy!

Hide Clutter ~ Eliminate Lost Pieces ~ Safe from Pets


The puzzle table solved all of our problems. Now my husband can do puzzles any time he wants and I can close the table when I need to use it or we are having people over. And, our cat can no longer kick pieces off the table and ignores the table completely.

- Kirsten P. ~ Illinois

Easy close top, hide the clutter, and protect your puzzle!

Are you FRUSTRATED with

~ Missing Puzzle Pieces

~ Cats lying on your puzzle

~ Clutter

~ Pieces falling off the edges

~ Not using the table for dinner

~ Dogs eating the pieces

~Become the ULTIMATE jigsaw puzzler ~

Make Puzzling Enjoyable

Take back your dining table, hide the clutter, and stop the frustration when working jigsaw puzzles. Our easy open lid allows you to work your ongoing puzzle and simply cover it when needed.

Design your table NOW

I absolutely love everything about the table and doing my puzzles.  Everyone compliments me on the table and are so surprised when I open the top and reveal my puzzle in progress.  Love love love that I made the decision to purchase the table.  It has been beyond my expectations.

— Linda G. - Connecticut

BUILD it or BUY it!

DIY Build Plans

The jigsaw puzzle table build plans are for a 45w x 24d x 23h table.  You will receive a complete list of the materials, supplies, and tools required for the build.  You also receive a cut list and a detailed step by step build plan.

Custom Finish Table

Heirloom quality table that is hand-crafted by trained Amish craftsmen, using solid hardwood of brown maple.  Tables are finished with a multi-step finishing process to ensure to lock in color and protect. Available in 4 sizes and 16 finishes.

Coffee Height

Perfect for kids and living room seating areas.

$1499 - $1699

Small - 36"l x 24″w x 19″h fits most 1000 piece puzzles

Large - 45"l x 31.5"w x 23.5″h fits most 2000 piece puzzles

Turned or straight leg option

16 available finishes

Desk Height

Perfect for wheelchairs and standard chairs.

$1619 - $1819

45″l x 31.5″w x 30″h

Fits most 2000 piece puzzles

Turned or straight leg option

16 available finishes

Counter Height

Perfect for taller people or standing to work the puzzles.


45″l x 31.5″w x 36.7.5″h

Fits most 2000 piece puzzles

Straight leg only

Removable legs

16 available finishes

Build Plans

Perfect for those who have the skills to DIY it!


45"l x 24"d x 23.5h

Fits most 1000 piece puzzles

Complete step by step instructions

Take away the Frustration, so You Can Become the Ultimate Puzzler.

  • Our table design eliminates the frustration of lost pieces and clutter.   
  • Helping you to make jigsaw puzzling efficient and easy to become the Ultimate jigsaw puzzler.
  • Keeps pets away and from lying on the puzzle or chewing the pieces.
  • Heirloom quality table that is hand-crafted by the Amish, using solid hardwood of brown maple.  
  • Multi-purpose design accommodates the versatility of your lifestyle with the easy open and close feature. 
Buy Now 

Multi-purpose design accommodates the versatility of your lifestyle with the easy open and close feature. 

I seriously want to say that I am SO impressed with this puzzle table!  LOVE! The wood grain is fab smooth and I love your choice of hardware. Most of all, I am so impressed with the mechanisms of the table. I am beyond thrilled with my purchase and you have a great product and I hope that others find one of your tables in their home soon.

Erin Y. ~ Pennsylvania

Hey - I'm DeDe!

I understand your frustrations with completing jigsaw puzzles with the inconveniences of missing pieces, clutter, and pets.

I designed this multi-purpose jigsaw puzzle table because I missed doing puzzles. I hated the unfinished puzzle sitting on my dinner table and the frustrations of the table not being available for our everyday living. After discussing my ideas with my husband (aka Mr. DD), we designed and built our own jigsaw puzzle table that allowed me to easily close the table to hide my puzzle in progress.

It felt great to have my pretty decor on the table and to easily move it when we wanted to work on the jigsaw puzzle hidden underneath. Also, I can easily open and close the table so the cat can't lay on the puzzle and the dog can't eat the pieces.

Now, we always have a puzzle ready to be worked on at any time with a quick open of the tabletop.

Fast forward 2 years and we are selling the build plans or custom-made tables so you too can enjoy jigsaw puzzling too!

We received our puzzle table early this morning and it arrived in excellent condition.  Michael had protected the table and handled it with care during the delivery.  The finish on the table was just as we'd hoped and it looks great in our dining room.  We also thank you, as well as the workshop, for this well-built and designed table.  We are looking forward to the simple pleasure of putting together a good puzzle again.  Although Wasabi, our fun-loving psycho-cat, is not amused in the least.

Steve & Diane C. ~ Pennsylvania

Frequently Asked Questions

DIY Build Plan Questions

What's included with the Build Plans?

You receive an automatic DOWNLOAD of the material list, supply list, and cut list with the full step by step instructions on how to cut and build the table. Again this is a digital download and you do not receive a physical product.

Due to the automatic download of the product, no refunds will be given.

What tools will I need?

  • Miter Saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Table Saw
  • Power Drill & Nail Gun
  • Router

What size table does this build?

The build plans are for a 45w x 24d x 23 3/4h table. You can modify and change the size and height of the table, we do not have other size build plans available at this time. This size table will hold most 1000 piece puzzles or smaller. 

Can I get a physical copy?

At this time our build plans are only available in digital PDF format. You can print the entire bundle and have it bound or keep it in a 3-ring binder, or you can print just the pages you need.

How soon after purchasing will I receive my product?

The Build plans will be delivered digitally, via the email address you provide at checkout. It should arrive within 5-10 minutes of your purchase.

Custom Table Questions

How long does it take to receive my custom jigsaw puzzle table?

Allow 12 weeks for your hand-crafted table to be built. Also, allow for an additional 2 to 4 weeks for arranging and delivering your table.

Can I get matching chairs?

Yes, we also sell a few different styles of chairs to complement the desk and pub height tables.

How does shipping work?

Once your custom table is complete, you have the option of picking up or having your table delivered. I will help assist in the shipping process by arranging a potential delivery. Additional shipping fees will be billed and need to be paid before the delivery. You can get an estimate on shipping by visiting

What's the investment?

The table prices vary based on the height and leg type selected. You can see all the different heights and pricing details on my shop page. Prices start at $1499 for the small coffee-height table.

What's the return/refund policy?

We offer a 3-day money-back refund minus service fees. The tables are custom made and once the order is placed, no refunds will be given after the 3 day refund period. The manufacturer does stand behind their hand-crafted table for any manufacturing defects.

Now I'm able to sit with my family and watch TV or a movie while doing my jigsaw puzzles.  It closes up quickly and easily.  I always have a puzzle going now!

— Lori W. ~ Maryland

Jigsaw Puzzle Tables are Perfect for Senior Living Centers!

  • Allows puzzle-loving residents to open the lid to work on a puzzle
  • Allows for additional activities to be performed at the same table without messing up the jigsaw puzzle in progress
  • Close the lid for additional games, cards or crafts

We only completed 500 piece puzzles in the past. Now, this table allows us to work on 1000 piece puzzles due to the extra drawers and the convenience of the recessed workspace.

Jim (Resident) ~Canton Christian Home

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