How to Decoupage Furniture!

If you have followed my blog for a while, you know I love to change furniture by adding fabric, paper or even aluminum foil to some of my furniture pieces.  I decided I wanted to share my tips, tricks and the products I use to show you how to decoupage furniture.  

How to Decoupage Furniture

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I use a few different products and basically the same method for each piece of furniture.  I always clean, prep, paint or stain my furniture first.  The decoupage I save for the last step.  

I recommend to prep the paper if you are using paper as your material for decoupage.   You would spray the paper with a light coat of matte Clear Acrylic Sealer on both sides.  You could apply a second coat if using thin paper that has a light background and dark ink.  This will help to set the ink and potentially prevent the ink from smearing.

Step 1: Adhesive

How to Decoupage Furniture - Step 1

I use 1 of the 3 products above, Mod Podge, Wunda Size or Spray Adhesive. My product of choice is Wunda Size.  After using all 3 products I prefer to use Wunda Size as my base adhesive layer.  It is a very thin liquid that you apply and it sets up within 10 minutes.  I find that it tends to have fewer air bubbles than Mod Podge.  Mod Podge has mobility once you place the paper or fabric on it and it does take longer to dry.    

 Step 1 Applying Adhesive - How to decoupage furnitureI only use a spray adhesive for thin paper and the brand does not matter.  Apply the adhesive using a sponge brush or a  chip brush.  If using Wunda Size let it sit for about 10 minutes or until it is tacky to the touch.  Now you are ready to apply your material of choice. 

Step 2: Material

Step 2 Applying material - How to decoupage furniture

I like to cut the fabric slightly larger than the space so I can make sure it is straight and lined up.  I trim the extra pieces off once the adhesive has dried.  When using paper for layering or overlapping, I like to use the spray adhesive so the paper will stick to the base layer.  Spray the layering piece before laying on top of base layer.  Carefully start at one end and slowly lay down the material and smooth out as you go to help eliminate air bubbles.  Quickly smooth out your material to remove air bubbles.  You can also use a straight pin to place a small hole to help remove the trapped air.

Step 3: Sealer 



I use the above products to seal the material Mod Podge Acrylic Spray, Minwax Polycrylic Spray or any Amy Howard Water Based Sealer.  My preferred method is now sealing my material with a varnish.  

How to Decoupage Furniture - Step 3 - Sealing Material

  I do like to use Mod Podge for fabric, it seems to create a smoother surface on the fabric since it is thick.  I will typically apply a second or third coat of sealer based on the furniture.  If it is a drawer inlay, 2 coats are fine, for table tops or chairs, I will seal using 3 coats.  If I am using a paper that has a light background with dark ink, I will spray a coat of polyacrylic and then apply a brush on a coat of varnish.  The spray adhesive will seal without dragging a wet brush over the material.  Again, use a straight pin to help remove any air pockets.  

I wanted to make this as easy as possible for anyone to decoupage furniture.  Sometimes it takes trial and error when working with a new fabric or a different type of paper.  Let your imagination go wild and I am sure it can be added to your next furniture piece.   Here are some of the pieces that I have decoupaged.  Stop over to see the before on these pieces!  

Aluminum Foil Desk -
Aluminum Foil Desk


Fabric Accent Tables-
Decoupage Accent Tables


Eiffel Tower Dresser-
Eiffel Tower Dresser
Stenciled Vanity - Tissue Paper Chair-
Tissue Paper Decoupage Chair


Before finishing any furniture makeover you must properly prep every furniture piece.  

Come over to see how to properly prep furniture with my FREE workshop!  



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