Tissue Paper Decoupage Chair!

Last week I shared a Dressing Table Vanity makeover and promised I would share a tutorial on how I finished the matching chair.  I used a tissue paper decoupage method on the chair.  

Tissue Paper Decoupage Chair

I was shopping with a girlfriend and she shared a “Posh” custom decorating store with me and this is where I found the inspiration for this chair.

How to decoupage a chair using Tissue Paper

I loved the style of the chair and it had a lot of paint issues, as you can see it had many layers of paint.  I did not want this chair to have the chippy stressed look since I was pairing it with the stenciled vanity.  

Applying Wunda Size to Tissue Paper Decoupage Chair-

I started by cutting the tissue paper into different size strips and I crumpled them up before placing on the chair.  I wanted the chair to have a very uneven texture, and the crumple tissue paper added to the effect.  Once I had enough tissue paper prepared, I applied Wunda Size working in small sections.  The Wunda Size needs to set for 10 to 15 minutes before becoming sticky.  I like using the Wunda Size for decoupaging since it is very thin and light in texture and my paper does not move or shift when placed on the project.  

Wrapping  Tissue Paper around chair legs

You can see by the closeup how the tissue paper naturally creates the texture when placed on the surface.  I left the extra tissue paper on the chair until the Wunda Size was completely dry and I was able to tear off the extra tissue paper easily.  You could continue to wrap the tissue paper on top of itself, but would need to apply Wunda Size over the tissue paper to get it to adhere to itself.  

Sealing Tissue Paper Chair- Mod Podge Once the chair was completely wrapped in tissue paper, I sealed with Mod Podge.  Sealing with Mod Podge will keep the paint from absorbing  into the tissue paper and cause tearing.  You could use Mod Podge for the entire process, but I like the Wunda Size for the reason I listed above.  I have to admit, at this stage of the game I thought “This better turn out like imagined or it will be a bear to remove all the glued on tissue paper.  

Stenciled  Tissue Paper Chair with Cutting Edge Stencils

I painted the chair using Maison Blanche Paint using the color Creme de Menthe and lighting it with Magnolia, so I could get a lighter shade than the vanity.  I painted the butterfly stencil pattern with the Creme de Menthe color along with using it for the vanity color.  I love how the monochrome of the colors complimented each other without standing out boldly.  


I would highly recommend checking out the extensive collection from Maison Blanche Paint Company.  They are not just a paint and wax company, they have so much more to offer.  The main reason I love this Vintage Furniture Paint is the quality, but aside from quality, they offer a full line of products that can transform your furniture beyond just paint and wax.  

Sealing a  Tissue Paper Chair with PolycrylicFor the chair I sealed it with spray Polycrylic.  I used the varnish from Maison Blanche on the desk but decided to take the lazy way on the chair and use a spray.  After painting many chairs with spindles and legs, a sprayer is the top item on WANT  NEED list.   

Stenciled Vanity - Tissue Paper Chair- Maison Blanche Paint

I love how the tissue paper decoupage chair turned out.  I will be doing this technique again on some other pieces, who knows; maybe even some drawer fronts?  

Stenciled Vanity - Tissue Paper Chair-

What ideas can you think of to apply tissue paper on your projects?  


 Tissue Paper Chair- decoupage projects


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