Buffet turned Potting Bench!

My neighbors moved and before they left they gave me this piece from their basement.  I decided since it was in rough shape and it would need more work than I was willing to invest in it, so I decided to use it as a potting bench.  

Re-purposed Potting Bench

Since we just painted our house last year, I used the left over exterior paint and painted it the same colors as the house. 

Potting Bench before photos- neglected buffet

The pull out drawers were all sticking and some I could hardly get open.  The side and back pieces were all water damaged and beginning to pull away from the wood.  I did not have the heart to throw it away, so that is when I decided to use it as a potting bench.  

Repurposed Potting Bench- adding wood shutters as a shelf

I had some old wood shutters from our house and decided to make them into upper shelves to give the piece more charter.  

Repurposed Potting Bench- adding spindles as supports

I cut down some spindles and used them to support the front of the shelf.

Repurposed Potting Bench-

I love how the shutters give the entire piece a more unique look as a potting bench.   

Repurposed Potting Bench-potting storage

There she is my professional photo bombing dog, Cinnamon!  I actually painted this potting bench back in September. My intention was to store this in the garage over the winter.  My life  and garage took on a different meaning in October, when I found a place to sell my painted furniture pieces, Modern Vintage.   My car now sits in the driveway and my side of the garage has become my storage facility for my thrift store finds that are waiting for paint.  

Potting Bench

Since I had no space for my potting bench, this is how she looks today.  I forgot to take a picture before we took her apart.  

Potting Bench-2

The long piece on the left was the top of the potting bench.  Can you tell we had a long hard winter?  I am sure my neighbor was excited to see it taken apart, now to throw it away.  Now, I want to build a potting bench out of pallets or used fence boards, something that can sit outside year around!


Repurposed Potting Bench-10

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