Dresser Makeover with a Touch of Sophistication!

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I almost gave up of this Dresser Makeover, but so glad that I did not throw in the towel.  

Gold Embossed Dressers~ Wood Icing ~ Modern Masters- Dresser Makeover

These dressers were plain and boring and the were just plain UGLY!

Dresser Makeover ~ Before

What ever finish was placed on these dressers was flaking off, so I ended up sanding down the majority of the dresser to get a smooth surface before priming. I could not just give these dressers a new coat of paint, they were screaming for more.   I made the decision to emboss the front of each draw and I am thrilled with the outcome.  You can read all about how I used WoodIcing to Emboss the drawers to look like wood carving.  If you never heard of this product before, I would highly recommend you stop over to their site and see what magic can happen when using this product.  

HomeRight Finish Max Pro

 I used my new toy to apply the primer and paint.  I was doing the “HAPPY” dance once I used the Finish Max Pro from HomeRight!  Can you hear the music in your head “Because I’m happy- Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof – Because I’m happy – 

Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth – Because I’m happy- Clap along if you know what happiness is to you – Because I’m happy – Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do.  Yes, I was dancing to this!  

Finish Max Pro ~ HomeRight

The clean up was just as “HAPPY” too!  Now, for my not so “HAPPY” moment.  I decided to paint these dressers with Modern Masters Metallic Paint in champagne.  I used the viscosity cup that was included with the HomeRight sprayer and slightly diluted the paint.  I loaded the paint sprayer and away I went.  The paint began to sputter out, I kept going with it.  Within minutes, I had the entire dresser coated with the paint.  Yes, that is how fast you can spray a piece of furniture with the Finish Max Pro.  Panic set in once I stopped, I knew the paint should not splatter out and I knew the primer did not come out like this.  My thoughts were if this is a flop, I will have to sand down the entire piece again.  I grabbed a paint brush and began to smooth out the splatter.  I did leave one side  with the splatter, because I was intrigued to see how it would dry.  

Hammered Metallic Paint ~ Modern Masters-

Much to my surprise, I loved how it looked when it dried.  Since the paint was metallic, it looked like it was a hammered metallic paint.  I asked Mr. DD when he came home what his honest opinion of the finish was, and he was in agreement with me.   So I loaded up the Finish Max Pro again and went back over the parts I smoothed out and finished the other dresser.  This is when I wished I did not panic, but things are always crystal clear in hind sight.  

Embossed Dressers~ Wood Icing ~ Modern Masters-

I applied the master clear form Modern Masters before applying the furniture wax.  I stained the top with Java gel.  This is why I love what I do.  I can experiment with products and mix products to create my own unique look.  I will be trying the hammered metal effect again, because I truly loved how it turned out.  

Embossed Dressers~ Wood Icing ~ Modern Masters- Stained with Java Gel

I like to keep it real, so I will just quickly mention the glazing fail I had on the drawers, the over spray fail on the side of the dresser, the dripping of the master clear and of course I told you about the splatter almost fail.  This is why I almost threw in the towel with these dressers.  I like to look at all of these things as my learning curve.  I am stubborn, and this is why I am determined to make things work.  I don’t throw in the towel quickly and I also like to be told you can’t, because I will figure out the can.  


Gold Embossed Dressers~ Wood Icing ~ Modern Masters-11





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16 Responses to Dresser Makeover with a Touch of Sophistication!

  1. Thanks for pointing me to this project – it is so similar to what I am trying to achieve on my daughter’s dresser!

    • Thanks Karen! I always seem to take the more complicated route instead of just slapping on some paint! You should see the ones I am working on now, of course the complicated route! lol

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