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Is the interior of your home in desperate need of a good painting?  Are you putting off painting your rooms because you know it is a major task and you just can’t find the motivation?  Are you one of those people who would rather go watch the grass grow or pick weeds instead of painting?  Have you placed paint swatches on your walls and they have been that way for over a year?  That last one is me! I had to get my room painted before Christmas because I had those paint swatches on the walls last Christmas!   I had not realized how long those paint samples were on the walls.  I am super excited to share how to easily paint walls in your home and you won’t believe how easy it really is.  

I have tried many different ways to paint a room, just brushes, standard paint rollers and smart paint rollers.  I have first-hand knowledge of all these types of room painting techniques and I am going to share my “NEW FAVORITE” way to paint any room.  

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Oh my gosh, this is how I will paint all my rooms going forward, using a Wagner SideKick I painted my entire living by myself in a day.  I removed all the decor items, pushed the big pieces in the middle of the room and covered with drop cloths.  I even had time to rip up the carpet and put it all the furniture back in its place and was able to sit down and have a glass of wine at the end of the day.  

I patched all the holes in the wall with drywall mud.  I have textured walls in my 1927 home, they are a blessing and a curse.  They are a blessing when you are patching because you don’t have to have a completely smooth finish on the hole repairs and the curse is when you paint.  Textured walls are bumpy and the rollers sometimes miss those deep textured areas even with the proper nap roller.

I hand cut in around all the baseboard and ceiling trim and also the corners where the roller can not reach.  If you want to see how I cut in around trim without wasting my precious time tapping, go over to this post and I show you how it is done – – – > No Tape Trim Painting

Now the Fun Begins!


You must read the instructions before beginning.  I did that and set everything up and was ready to paint.  Power it on and let the paint run up the tube into the paint roller.  Once the paint is to the roller, begin to roll, it will take a few times rolling before the paint comes out evenly on the roller.   The best part: no stopping to fill the roller in a paint tray and drip all over.   

I pretty much had complete 1-time coverage in most areas, even with my textured walls.  The places that I had to go back over was where I didn’t press hard enough(mostly the ceiling) or let the paint get to dry on the roller.  


I made a short video so you could see how easily I painted my living room all by myself.    

You have to go over and watch the video on YouTube and make sure you follow me over there as well.  See if you can count the times that Miss Cinnamon makes an appearance in the video, it is funny to watch!  


The clean up on the tube was just as easy as the painting.  The Wagner SideKick is so convenient and a big “time” saver. 


After I paint a room, I fill a small amount of paint into these touch-up paint bottles and label them.  I keep them handy so when I find a spot that was missed I can easily touch it up instead of having to open a gallon of paint every time you find a spot.  This is a MUST when you are painting textured walls.  You will always find a low spot that did not get enough paint.  

I switched the wall and trim colors.  Paint Colors used in the before photo: Walls- Sands of Time (SW6101) Trim- Realist Beige (SW 6078)

Paint Colors in the after photo: Walls- Accessible Beige (SW7036) and Trim (SW6037)

My main reason for going lighter on the walls because I was exposing the original hardwood floors and needed a light wall color to offset all the wood tones to make the space brighter. 

I received the best compliment ever from Mr. DD who complains about the changes that I continually make to the house.  He said he is really liking the way the house looks and he was glad he finally let me rip out the carpet.  Wait, what? This is the same man that fought me tooth and nail that I was not ripping out the carpet.  Now, we are both happy in this space!  


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