Painting a ceiling with PaintStick EZ Twist by HomeRight

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I am excited to share the PaintStick EZ Twist, a handy little painting tool that I was able to give a “roll” on my Guest Bedroom ceiling.  

PaintStick EZ Twist

 I am in a slooooowwwwww guest bedroom transformation and this handy PaintStick saved me time and money. Here is the room before I kicked my son to the attic bedroom.  I can’t believe I am sharing this before picture, but this is part of the reason I moved his room to the third level.  I was tired of looking at the mess, day in and day out. 

Guest Bedroom Before with ceiling water stains

The arrows in the above picture are pointing to a water stain on the ceiling.  We had a roof leak about 7 years ago, and we are just now getting around to fixing the stain it left on the ceiling.  We did have the roof replaced, but never wanted to paint the ceiling.  How could we with all that clutter and mess!  

Painting the Ceiling with EZ Twist Paintstick-

Here is a closer look at the crack and the bubbling of the plaster.  Yes, we have plaster ceilings and walls, my home was built in 1927, so everything is plaster and not dry wall.   The first steps we did to fix the ceiling was to clean the area and wipe away all the bubbling plaster, without removing too much of the stamping pattern.  

water damage ceiling stains

In the above picture, you can see the spots that needed  removed to correct the water damage.  Once we removed all the water damaged,  I applied a stain blocker primer with a brush.  I was only priming in the water damaged places, not the entire ceiling.  Now for the fun part, using the PaintStick EZ Twist by HomeRight.

 Loading the EZ Twist Paintstick-

I will give you the quick and easy version how to, but if you want the complete breakdown, go on over and visit the HomeRight web-site.  They give you great videos tutorials and you can also see the other great products that they offer for your household needs.  The first step is assemble the PaintStick and to place the fill tube and lid in and on the paint can.  Simple, Easy and you are ready to paint.  

Painting the Ceiling with PaintStick EX Twist

Place the Valve on the fill tube and pull the inner tube.  The paint will begin to loaded into the PaintStick.  

Filling the PaintStick EZ Twist

It was really neat to watch the paint load into the PaintStick and to fill the chamber. 

Painting the Ceiling with EZ Twist Paintstick-

Next, you load the paint into the roller by locking the toggle switch and turning the inner tube clockwise.  Once you load the the roller with paint, you are ready to begin.

Very little paint splatter

Mr. DD only had to  load the PaintStick EZ Twist 4 or 5 times while painting the entire ceiling.  Now for Mr. DD’s pros and cons while using the PaintStick EZ Twist.

PaintStick EZ Twist Pros vs. Cons


As you can see, the PROS far outweigh the CONS .  I can’t wait to personally use this PaintStick EZ Twist on my walls.  Mr.  DD had to paint the ceiling for me, I have neck issues and can’t look up for that length of time.  I have to admit, I was a little jealous that he got to use my new paint toy before me!  I know, call me crazy, most people would have been happy to get out of painting a ceiling.  I am called the “Gadget Queen” in my house, so if there is a cool and handy gadget, I get excited about using it, even if it involves work.  Stay tuned for the wall color and I will be sharing how to “cut in” on any paint job without having to tape off the trim.  HomeRight has a great selection of products to use in and around your home. so stop over to their site to check out their assortment, and you can stay connected with HomeRight on Twitter and Facebook.  What is your least favorite thing about painting a ceiling?



 PaintStick EZ Twist Pros vs. Cons

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31 Responses to Painting a ceiling with PaintStick EZ Twist by HomeRight

    • Dawn, you should consider yourself lucky! I love painting, and I have to say the ceiling is my least favorite! The good things is, if you have to paint one now, you can get this handy Paintstick to help you out!

  1. That was indeed genius, to think it is like a syringe that refills the paint roller automatically will save you time and also will avoid drips of paint.

  2. Thanks for a great review! We have to paint our ceilings this summer and the paintstick sounds like a great helper.

  3. That is one nice paint roller and I like the idea it has its own tray so you don’t need to dip and roll many times. This will make painting job convenient and fast.

  4. I recently helped some friends paint their home, and it can get tiresome having to dip the rollers in paint over and over again. I think this looks very useful and efficient. I’m glad you reviewed it as more pros than cons.

  5. Man this could of really helped us in the past, I may have to go get a few of these, when we decide to re-paint the house.. everyone needs a good arm workout, haha

  6. Hehe yeah I think the tiredness can’t be escaped no matter what product and tools you’re using when painting the ceiling.

  7. This would definitely come in handy! I have been considering only painting my ceiling, rather then the walls, and I know this would be an awesome tool to do it.

  8. Great idea! We have some upcoming paint projects and I will be looking into this for sure! Thanks for posting this!

  9. Oh, this is SO cool! Why hasn’t something like this been invented before?!? It must make painting so much faster and cleaner. I love the idea of no tray. And your new ceiling looks great ๐Ÿ™‚

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