Silhouette Heat Transfer Tutorial and Promotion!


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Silhouette is running a promotion on their Heat Transfer products and I want to share my Heat Transfer Tutorial.  

Silhouette April Promotion

I received the heat transfer kit from Silhouette and I had the perfect project idea to use my kit on.  

Silhouette Heat Transfer Kit

I decided to make a cute saying for my paint apron, since I am in this thing most of my days, I wanted to make it more personal and artistic.   

Screenshot of Heat Transfer Design

I started by creating my design using “Cameron” my Silhouette Cameo.  I downloaded the free graphics that the kit included and used the flower in my design. 

Silhouette Machine ~ Feed material

Load your heat transfer material in the Silhouette machine with the shiny side facing down.  

Mirror Heat Transfer image

Once I had my design sized to fit on my apron, I reversed the image by selecting the entire image and right clicking and selecting flip horizontally.  

Select images for each color

Since I was using 3 different colors in my design, I deleted the other items that were the 2 other colors.  Send your design to the printer, selected the “Heat Transfer Material” (flocked or smooth)  Change your blade to the proper settings and select cut.  I continued to cut the remaining 2 colors out for my design using the same method above.  

Peel back Silhouette Heat Transfer material

Trim the heat transfer material close to the “cut out” of your design and begin to slowly remove the material around the cut design.  Make sure you work very slowly so you do not pull off the design.  

Silhouette Heat Transfer Tutorial and Promotion

Using the hook, remove the insides of the letters and make sure all extra heat transfer material is no longer in your design.    

Position design for Silhouette Heat Transfer

I positioned and placed my design on my apron.  Once my design was in place, I removed the flower since it is positioned on the leaves.  As you can see above, the flower is on the heat transfer material and not on the fabric.  

iron on heat transfer

Place a thin towel or extra fabric over the heat transfer design.  Place your hot iron over the design and let sit on each image until the image has transferred unto the fabric.  I ended up keeping mine on each design for a few minutes, since mine was taking extra heat to transfer.

layering design for heat transfer

Begin to remove the clear transfer material slowly making sure the image has sealed on the fabric.  I placed my flower on the leaf pattern and continued with the heat transfer step above.  I was having a challenge with the “M” staying on my fabric, so I had to heat the “masterpiece” image again with the flower pattern.  Once all the images on adhered to the fabric and the clear transfer material if off, place the extra fabric back over the design and go over the design again with the iron.  This is to insure the image is fully adhered to the fabric.

 Silhouette Heat Transfer Tutorial and Promotion-8

 I am so excited on how this heat transfer turned out.  I can’t wait until I can start my next paint project and wear my new apron.  

 Heat Transfer Tutorial

This is what my current apron looks like.  When I get paint on my hands and fingers, I use my apron to wipe it off.  It is much easier than carry a rag around the entire time I paint.  So my new apron will look like the old one and have the saying “Masterpiece in the Making” as my apron is the masterpiece.  I will also be starting furniture painting classes and this will be a cute addition for the “me” the teacher!  Now for the great promotion from Silhouette!  April Promotion for Silhouette

The promotion runs April 21 – 30, 2014.  Here are the  details:   

1 Silhouette CAMEO

1 Heat Transfer Starter Kit

1 Printable Heat Transfer Material for Dark Fabrics

1 Printable Heat Transfer Material for Light Fabrics

$269.99 (MSRP: $364.96)


1 Silhouette Portrait

1 Heat Transfer Starter Kit

1 Printable Heat Transfer Material for Dark Fabrics

1 Printable Heat Transfer Material for Light Fabrics

$139.99 (MSRP: $244.96)

 All Heat Transfer materials will be 30% off as well!

Please make sure you use “DESIGNED” to receive your promotion discount.  Stop over to Silhouette to get these great deals so you can make your own heat transfer project.  The ideas are endless!  


Silhouette Heat Transfer Tutorial and Promotion-8




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