No Tape Trim Painting.

This post is all about how to save you time when painting your next room.  I am going to share some easy method painting tips and tricks.  The biggest time saver is no taping when you paint your trim.  Yes, you read that right, no taping!  Not only is no taping a time saver, it is a money saver too.  

Painting the walls and trim-pinnable

I confess, I always taped before I painted trim.  I never felt like I could hold a steady line when I was painting, so I painstakingly taped a room before I began to paint.  Fast forward to today and I can paint a room without taping.  I wish I had a picture of me doing the happy dance for this one.  Mr.  DD taught me how to paint a room without using tape.  

Painting the walls and trim-3-2

Start by dipping your brush about 2 inches into the paint.  I like to drag the brush against the edge of the can to clean off one side.  

Painting the walls and trim-4-2

Place your brush close to the edge and begin to drag your brush to make a good pointed tip, once you have the brush at an angle, move closer to the trim and begin your line.  Move very slow and steady as you keep a good eye at where your brush is going.  Once you seem to run out of paint, pull your brush away from the trim line.  Go back and spread the paint above the section you just completed, this will spread out any drips and extra paint.  Make sure you paint above the trim line 3 to 4 inches so that you don’t come close to the trim line when rolling on the wall paint.  

Painting the walls and trim-5-2

Now for working in the corners.  Once you run your trim line, you will have a dip in the corner where you had to pull your brush away, as in the picture above.  

Painting the walls and trim-6-2

Fill your brush back up with paint, place brush on the wall, close to the trim edge line.  Press on your brush to get a nice flat edge on the tip of your brush.  Once you have a flat edge, slowly move the brush evenly to the ceiling.  Once the trim line is even and filled, pull the brush down to paint under the trim line.

Painting the walls and trim-6

Painting trim with Carpet.  Here is my trick for painting trim that is next to carpet.  I use a large 4 or 5 inch scraper(or larger) to hold down the carpet while I paint above it.  Once I paint the small section, I wipe off the blade using newspapers that are lying next to my work area, and move to the next section.  I like using this method since I can push down the carpet with the blade and get below the carpet line.  

Painting the walls and trim-7  This is me and my best helper sitting and waiting for Mr. DD to finish the trim painting so I can start to roll.  

Painting the walls and trim-8

The trim is complete and the wall is ready for paint using my new favorite painting tool, PaintStick EZ Twist by HomeRight.  A few weeks back we used it to paint the ceilings in the guest bedroom.  Stop over to read how simple and easy this paint stick is to use for all your paint rolling needs.  

Painting the walls and trim-9

I love the PaintStick Ez Twist and I will be using it in a few other hard to reach areas of my house.  Here is a quick pros and cons list I created from the first time we used the paint tool.  

PaintStick EZ Twist Pros vs. Cons

How about you, do you tape when painting?  Leave me your answer in the comments section, I would love to know.  


Painting the walls and trim-pinnable

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32 Responses to No Tape Trim Painting.

  1. I HATE trim work but I’m way too lazy to tape, so I usually just “eyeball” it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m loving that no mess roller!

  2. You have a much more steady hand than I do my friend! I will always have to be a tape girl since I am impatient and always in a hurry. I am definitely going to have to try that paint stick one day!

  3. I use tape sometimes, but it mainly depends on what needs to be painted and the challenges of the area. I do tend to tape window paints. However, I loved your tips!

  4. Painting can be a huge hassle. Any tips are appreciated! The images are especially helpful with understanding how to apply your tips. Thank you.

  5. First up, I like the color you chose GRAY! Wow, you’re so good I mean there’s no mess at all. I’m sure the job is pretty easy after this kind of painting. Job Well done!

  6. Awesome Tips and I use the same method!
    I remember a few years back as a pub manager in Slough, UK! I took over the pub from a couple of 2 girls who had painted the pub a baby pink!
    That was not to do in my eyes! So the first think i decided to do was redecorate in a more manly color!
    I decided to unscrew all of the pictured dotted all over the pub and was shocked to see loads of squares where the picures had been painted around and not took off when the girls decided to redecorate the pub in pink!
    Anyway good tips DD, Have a great Day!
    – Phillip Dews

  7. I cant do this but my husband never uses tape he does almost the same you guys did I guess it’s practice after all

  8. It looks really good! I don’t think I would have the guts to even try and pull this off though, I always make a mess with the paint, even with the tape! Lol

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