DIY Chalk-like Paint Recipe!

I love finding old out dated items and turning them into something that is updated and modern.  For a lot of my trash to treasure finds I use my DIY Chalk-like paint recipe.  

Grey Chevron End Tables


I found these leather top end tables at a garage sale and knew they would have a great future with a little paint.  

Grey Chevron End Tables before



I had already started to sand the tops of the leather when I remembered I forgot to take the before picture.  I get so excited to start a new project, I sometimes forget the before photos.  The tops were in great shape but the leather look is outdated, so I decided I would give them a coat of paint along with the rest of the table.   I made my own chalk-like paint for these tables.  

chalk-like paint recipe - www.designeddecor.comI want to give you a few things that I have learned along the way when making your own paint mixture.  I use warm water to mix into the plaster of paris, this helps to properly dissolve the p-o-p.  I measure the plaster of paris and place into a disposable plastic container .  I slowly add the warm water to the plaster of paris and mix thoroughly until I have a pancake thickness to the mixture.  Pour your 2 cups of latex paint into an air-tight container, (store the paint for future use.)  I have started to drain my plaster of paris mixture into the latex paint container.  I find doing this removes any chunks of p-o-p that were not dissolved properly.  I do this by placing a screen mesh over the paint container and hold that in place with a rubber band wrapped around the top of the container.   Make sure you cut the screen mesh large enough to have a concave dip in the screen so the p-o-p mixture does not spill over the edges of the container. I am talking from experience here!  

Frog tape ~ shape tape


I used 2 coats of my DIY chalk-like paint to cover the tables completely.  For those who want to know I used Sherwin Williams color #SW7018 Dovetail to make my chalk-like paint.  I used  Frog Tape Shape Tape Painting Tape, Chevron Design, 1.81 Inches x 25 Yards, 282549 to achieve my chevron pattern.  You could make your own chevron pattern, but I decided my time was worth buying the pattern tape.  I than mixed a lighter color version of my chalk-like paint and dry brushed that on top of the chevron tape.  This gave the tables a distressed white washed look.  Once I removed the tape, the darker gray color showed through just how I was expecting it to.  

Grey Chevron End Tables- painted furniture

I did leave some sections of the table with the darker grey color to give more interest to the tables.  

Grey Chevron End Tables- aging effects


I have to be honest and let you know that the above aging look happened all on its own.  This is what happens occasionally with dark cherry wood.  It will bleed through and the paint starts to crack.  They make an adhesion paint that you can use prior to painting to prevent this from happening.  I loved how this happened on its own and I could not have planned this better.  

Grey Chevron End Tables- chalk-like paint

You could achieve this crackle look by using a product called  antique crackle.  You can read about how I have used it to repurpose old windows.

signature gradual grey


chalk-like paint

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22 Responses to DIY Chalk-like Paint Recipe!

  1. Julie says:

    I just saw this on Better After and I love it. I was actually searching for re-dos of leather topped furniture this weekend. We have a set with two end tables, a desk, and a side table and I would love to update them. The only problem is that I’m not sure I can bring myself to paint over the leather! Thank you!

    • Julie, my leather was cracking due to neglect, so I had no problems painting over it! If you leather is in great shape, you could get away with not painting the leather. If it is the brown leather you could paint the base a soft pale color and use brown glaze or brown wax over the paint to enhance the brown in the leather.

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  5. What a great transformation! They look fabulous!

    • Anonymous says:

      I have recently made some chalk pain using non-sanded grout. Unfortunately I lost the recipe and was looking for a new one. Do you think this one would work if I used non-sanded grout instead of P.O.P.?
      Loved your zig-zag table by the way! Very good job!

  6. Monica says:

    Visiting from DBB. Beautiful. Pinned!

  7. Linda says:

    Love this. PINNING.

  8. Meegan says:

    Your tables look fabulous DeDe. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe. Pinned :)

  9. Frog tape comes in shapes!!!! I did not know this and now I am going to have to run out and find some! Your table turned out wonderfully!

  10. I so need this! Planning on repainting 2 chairs. Pinning it.

  11. Thank you for sharing this recipe! After recently getting into chalk paint I am having a hard time paying so much for it. Thanks for sharing your recipe! I love the finished look of these tables.

    • Designed Decor says:

      Megan, The price of chalk paint is what encouraged me to make my own and give it a try. I have had great success with all the pieces I have used it on.

  12. Hi DeDe! I love this table design….I had NO IDEA Frog Tape came in shapes. Thank you for bringing me out of the dark!!!!! Glad I found your site….first time I have ever seen or heard of it. Came on over from Blogtalk….thanks for the like. I’m right above you in the comments. :) Will be sharing this project for you. LOVE IT>

    • Designed Decor says:

      Kelly, I am so glad you stopped over. I was over on your blog too and loved all the things I saw. Shapetape has not been out for that long, so you are not that far in the dark! lol

  13. These turned out amazing! Thanks for the tutorial and recipe – can’t wait to try it out on my next project!


  14. Crystal says:

    Thanks for the recipe!! I love how the tables turned out!! So beautiful!!

  15. DeDe, I feel like you were talking directly to me. Now I just have to snag me a piece of furniture to practice on.

    • Designed Decor says:

      Susan, How did you know! That one was for you! Let me know as soon as you find the piece!

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