How to Spray Paint the Front Door!

Last summer we completed a large list of outside projects: new walkway, new front yard, painting the house and adding flower boxes.   So today I am finally going to share how to spray paint your front door.  

How to Spray Paint a Front Door 1
The outside of my house was in desperate need of painting and the original metal door had faded from direct sun shining on it all day long.  

Taping off before spray painting  a front door

The hardest part was taping and sealing off the trim around the door.  I needed to start with spray painting the trim before I removed the door.  I opted to remove the door, just easier to paint that way and opted to spray paint since my door has a lot of raised panels to paint around. 

Trim details of front door

It was very difficult to get a good tape line on the black, so we opted the trim that by hand.  The white section was the spray painted section.

Spray painting a door

I started on a beautiful day and removed my front door early so it had plenty of drying time between coats.  I slightly sanded the door and removed the dust before beginning.  

spray paint a front door

I used a metal primer, one coat,  since my door is facing the sun with no shade.  I highly recommend the handy sprayer that fits on spray paint cans.  This allows you to get better coverage since it is hard on your finger when spray painting.  You have more control with the attachment.  

 how to spray paint a door-

Next, I applied an even coat of red and allowed to dry a few hours before applying the next coat.  I applied 2 coats and slight touch ups in sections.  I let the door dry all day long and we attached it back on the hinges at about 10:00 pm.  I wanted to make sure the paint was good and dry so it would not leave a line from being closed overnight.  Since we do not have a locking screen door, it was a good idea to put my front door back on before going to bed.  

how to spray paint a front door-

Here is a close up of the trim work next to the door.   I love my red door and so glad that I choose red.  What color is your front door?  


Red Front Door


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28 Responses to How to Spray Paint the Front Door!

  1. HElko DeDe,
    You did a phenomenal job on your front door. I am embarking on this project today. I have a few questions before I begin. How many cans of paint did you use to get even coverage on the door? Thanks in advance.


    • I used a can of primer and I believe 2 cans of the red. You can also purchase the primer and paint in one can and if you do that get 3 cans. I did nice light coats. Good luck on your door.

  2. Love your color you chose. So I am curious…what is on the inside of the door, same color?? Or is it painted a different color?

    • Ann, I left the inside of the door the same blue that it was originally. Of course the inside has not faded and The colonial red would not really go with the interior.

  3. Looks awesome. My front door is looking like yours before you painted it. Makes me realize I need to do something.

    Shannon ~

  4. I just painted our front doors blue, but I almost went with a red close to what you used. It looks fabulous – I love a good pop of color on a front door. Makes it seem so inviting and fun.

    • Since my door was blue it its former life I choose one that was totally different. Mr. DD was very concerned about my color choice. In the long run, he did not care since I was doing it all! LOL

  5. DeDe, your door looks amazing! I love how the spray paint finish turned out. Do you know what Rustoleum red this is? I’d love to feature this on my paint color blog, Involving Color. Let me know if you’re interested!

  6. I love this. I have been wanting to paint my front door burgundy to match the metal roof and shutters.

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