Puzzle Coffee Table Build Plans

Puzzle Coffee Table Build Plans and the story of how they came to be available.   

For those of you who don’t want to read the story and just get the build plans, here is the link to Purchase the Puzzle Coffee Table build plans

We love to do puzzles and I hate the cluttered mess of a puzzle taking up vital dinner tablespace.  Of course, when you start to work on a puzzle, they usually take days if not weeks to complete, so you are left with the unsightly mess of a puzzle in progress.  You stand to lose pieces because of pets or even feisty family members.  

We stopped doing puzzles because of this.  

I told Mr. DD I want YOU to build a puzzle coffee table.  I want to be able to hide the puzzle so when we were not working on the puzzle I could have my pretty decor on my table.  I wanted a coffee table so we did not have to use our dining room table as our puzzle building area.  

I conceptualized the design in my head.  I told Mr. DD that I wanted the table top to flip open because I did not want a removable top that you had to store somewhere and I wanted the flip open so I could have my pretty on the table when not working on the puzzle.  My pretty takes precedence in my home.  I also wanted storage drawers to hold the initial unplaced puzzle pieces.  We began to talk through the design came up with additional ideas, and we roughly sketched out the idea. 

  Back in January, I posted my table on my site as well as my Designed Decor Facebook page.  At that time my Facebook engagement was very low and I only received a few comments.  I still was over the top happy with our puzzle coffee table. 

Fast forward:  I joined a business building group called the Inner Circle with Jennifer Allwood.  She told us that we needed to grow our social media engagement in order to grow our business.  She challenged all the members to a social media challenge for the month of March.  We were to post to Facebook 4 times a day (UGH) and do 2 FB lives a week.  I was right in the middle of selling my home as well as moving so I knew I would not be able to do the 2 lives but I did take on the challenge of the 4 posts.  As hard as it was, I did it and I started to see a major improvement in my engagement with my FB fans.  I continued to keep up the posts for April and that is when I reposted my puzzle coffee table.  


I posted at 4:00 pm on Monday, April 16.  I don’t have my cell phone set up with notifications because I believe it overtakes your life and I choose to log on to social media when I can and not live my life around the distractions.  So on Tuesday, I logged in to my account and was pleasantly surprised at the large amounts of comments and shares.  It continued to grow all day and by Wednesday I was able to say my post was going viral. 

On Wednesday I told Mr. DD that we needed to make build plans because so many of you want and need this table.  We went live to tell all of you that we were going to make the build plans so those of you that are handy, could make your own table.  The response was and still is overwhelming.  The comments, the stories, and the pictures have touched us deeply.  

Mr. DD is self-employed as a Registered Investment Advisor, he works from home and has his own company, Strategic Portfolio Management Inc.  Thankfully he did not have any trading to do and he began to create the build plans.  I continued to respond to the thousands of requests and comments.  Sometimes I would just sit and stare at my Facebook page in amazement of what was happening, other times I felt so overwhelmed because I was only 1 person and I felt like I needed to respond to all you, and other times I shed tears from the stories that you told me of the reasons why you needed the table, for cancer patients, for your autistic child, for your elderly parent or grandparent.  I laughed at the animal stories and loved every picture that you sent of your cats laying on your puzzles.  2 days later, we had everything in order and now we needed someone to do computer sketches of the build plans. 

In the mist of the viral FB post and all the build plans, my site crashed because of a malware virus and with the help of my Host, Andrew from HostingEH I only lost 1 day of visits.  Andrew was great and helped me, the non-techie gal.  


My blogger friend Cher from Designs by Studio C quickly created the computer plans for us.  She told me not to mention her, but I am anyways.  Thanks, Cher for putting a rush on our plans.  

After hearing so many of you saying that you have been searching for a table to do your puzzles on and this was the perfect table and there is nothing like this out on the market, I began to google and search puzzle table options, and you are right.  There are many puzzle tables out there but nothing with these exact features.  I had never done a search for a puzzle table so I had no idea what was on the market.  So in hindsight, this was a blessing, not even knowing what was on the market for people to purchase.  My design idea was completely from my thoughts on what would make a great puzzle table and remember PRETTY was at the top of my list.  

So a week ago I was organizing my pantry, trying to settle into my new home and now today we are filing provisional patents and copyrights to protect our hard work and design.  We are going to find a manufacturer that wants to work with us and produce this table for the thousands of you that stated you did not have the means to build a table and you just wanted to buy one and where can you get it.  We are doing the best we can to get this table to ALL of you puzzle fanatic people who have a NEED for this table.  

If you would like to stay informed on the production of the puzzle coffee table please email dede@designeddecor.com and I will add you to my mailing list and keep everyone informed of the stages of production.  

We are truly blessed and amazed at what a viral post can do to your life.  My Facebook following went from 6,100 followers to 37,000 followers and growing.  The Facebook post has reached over 26 million people and continues to grow.  I feel that GOD threw this opportunity into my lap and I feel the need to produce this table for all of you! 

My wish is for all of you to have many happy “puzzle making memories” and I hope that this table helps.   

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 


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4 Responses to Puzzle Coffee Table Build Plans

  1. I ordered the plans for the puzzle coffee table but haven’t heard anything back. Could you check please?

    • You receive the build plans instantly on the site where you registered and paid. Here is the link if you need it again: https://designeddecor.thinkific.com/users/sign_in It does not come in your email. Log back on the site and you will be able to view it and download it if you need too. You can download it by clicking on the down-arrow on the right-hand side at the top. In order to download the PDF you need to be viewing that document. You will always have access to that site for the plans in case you can’t find your download on your computer. Save the link and your username and passwords. I hope this answers your questions. Thanks for your purchase and your support!

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