Adding Flower Window Boxes to our Home!

We have done a lot of work on the outside of our home.  We have spent the first 10 years working on the inside and now it is time to make a few changes to the outside.  This has been long overdue and our front yard and house was in need of some TLC. I am embarrassed to show you this but I have to keep it real.

Outside before pictures


My husband just power washed and scraped the house to get ready for the painters.  The yard on the other hand was years of neglect.  I think we received the award for the worst yard in the neighborhood.  I will be sharing all the transformations we have made on the outside of the house once I get a few more projects complete.

We had the house painted while we were on vacation and came home to my front door looking like this.

Deciding what color to paint the door


Way too much black trim going on.  I asked my Facebook and Hometalk communities what colors they would paint the door and trim.  I received so much feedback  and some very great ideas.

The first came from Beth @ Unskinny Boppy, she did a Photoshop on my front door to show me how the red would look along with a few other improvements.



The other great suggestion came from Cynthia @ Jordan Valley Home & Garden to add Flower Window Boxes to fill the space on the front of the house.

Window Flower Boxes


You can see by this picture that we have a lot of things happening to the front yard.  I loved the ideas that both ladies offered and I am using both suggestions, Thanks Beth & Cynthia.  I found the perfect flower window boxes from  I decided on the Charleston style with the self watering feature.



I spoke with the sales agent and they offered a great tip on how to measure and to get a great visual about what size of flower window boxes to order.  They advised me to use paper towels and that is exactly what I did.

Window Flower Boxes-1658


I rolled out the paper towels to the 6 foot length I needed and folded it to 10 inches deep to see if that was the depth I wanted.  The window boxes come in 8 or 10 inches depth.  I choose the 10 inch depth because I had the space on the house and the 10 inch ones you can plant perennials along with annuals.

I placed my order and they arrived the next week.

Window Flower Boxes

I had to see what they would look like on the house.  My husband will be hanging these soon and I will share with you how the outside of the house is coming along.  I can’t wait to hang these and fill them with flowers!

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10 Responses to Adding Flower Window Boxes to our Home!

  1. DeDe, love the paper towel visual trick for planning out the window boxes. What a great and easy idea. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

    • I am such a visual person, the paper towels helped me to see the flower boxes and the size!

  2. You have a lovely home DeDe! I like to see flower window boxes. Yours looks great. My twin and I have had many pen-pals over the years and several from Europe sent us pictures showing us flower window boxes. Take care and have a good day.

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