Our New Flower Window Boxes!

One of the best things we have done to the outside of our home was to add 3 large flower window boxes.  We originally added them at the end of summer, so we had to wait until the following year to plant anything.  

Flower Window Boxes

I decided to add them to the driveway side of the house to give more color above the ivy section and to the front of the house where we had a large open space on the second level, yes the second level.  

Front Yard After-2

I purchased these from FlowerWindowBoxes.com.  A fellow blogger suggested to add a flower window box to the front of my house to give it so more character.  I loved the idea and decided to carry it over to the side of the house as well.


Window Boxes- Flower Boxes- How to add curb appeal

The boxes from FlowerWindowBoxes.com use a “cellular PVC” which means they will not warp, bend, crack, bow, sag, distort, or break.  They can also easily be painted to match your trim, shutters, or home.  They are designed to be durable and to last a lifetime through all seasons of the year.  Their PVC window boxes are considered an upgrade over other no rot window boxes because they are the only boxes that look like wood and will never rot.  The other reason I chose FlowerWindowBoxes.com is for the self watering feature.  I can water my boxes every 2 weeks or so and not have to worry about having to open my windows every day in the summer time.

Window Boxes- Flower Boxes- How to add curb appeal-14

One of the tips I learned while ordering my flower window boxes is to take a roll of paper towels and stretch to the size of the boxes so you can visually see what size will work for your windows.

Window Boxes- Flower Boxes- How to add curb appeal-10


This was the best tip!  I am such a visual person, this allowed me to really see if I liked the look of flower boxes on my windows.  I loved how easy it was to order my flower window boxes and they came fully assembled and ready to hang.

Flower Window Boxes-2

Mr DD. used the saw horse to hold the boxes while he measured and drilled the holes.  The installation was very simple, you can read about it here on the site.

Window Boxes- Flower Boxes- How to add curb appeal-5

The scariest part of hanging these 6 foot and 8 foot flower boxes was knowing the one on the front was on a second story.  It was just me and Mr. DD home and he is determined to get them hung and off his honey-do list.  I advised him to wait until the boys get home and they could help.  No, he can be as stubborn as me sometimes.

Window Flower Box


Imagine – Mr. DD. placing the ladder below the front window, carrying the heavy 8 foot flower box up the ladder, holding and balancing the box on the top of the ladder, drilling the flower boxes to the side of the house, ALL BY HIMSELF, as I watched from the bedroom window.  What was I really going to do from the window if something should have happened.  I could not even take a picture of this happening.  Imagine me saying, “honey can you hold on a minute while I go downstairs grab the camera, go outside and take a few pictures of you.”  I don’t think that would’ve gone over to well.  I was after all helping him hold the drill in between the drilling.

The above picture was the before picture of my new walkway and lawn.  You can read all about the changes to my house and all the hard work we have done so far on the outside.

Window Boxes- Flower Boxes- How to add curb appeal-7

What do you think of the flower window boxes?  I am thinking of adding another one to the front to the top window, what do you think?  Leave me a comment to let me know if I should I leave it the way it is or add the other to the top window?




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9 Responses to Our New Flower Window Boxes!

  1. How cool! And the paper towel idea is genius! Your house is gorgeous, by the way! Nothing like the cracker-box tract homes we have here in SoCal! Visiting from the Grow your blog Graduates class ๐Ÿ™‚ By the way, I tried to follow you on FB using your button, but it kept bringing me to MY personal profile. You may want to look into your code for that button! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll find you another way!

    • Nicole, thanks for the nice compliment on my house! So nice to meet you and get to know you more! I will check my FB button!

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