Embossed Side Table!

One of my favorite things to do with my makeover furniture pieces is to add stenciled embossing.  This allows me to take a plain ugly piece of furniture, add some embossing and turn it into a beauty.  This is exactly what I did to this embossed side table.  
Embossed Side Table before after

As you can see from the before and after that I added embossing to the front, sides and back to give this end table more charm.  

Embossed Side Table-5

The stencil is called Vintage Laurel Border from Maison Blanche.  You can read all about how to use embossing creame and stencils in this post, Embossed drawers.   I have used a few brands in the embossing creme, and have been using the embossing creme from Maison Blanche, sicne this is the brand that I am selling in my shop.  I love how adding embossing to pieces make them look like carved wood.  

Embossed Side Table-2

The embossed end table was painted using Maison Blanche Vintage Furniture paint in Baquette and glazed with Annie’s Reserve in coal tar.  The coal tar glaze has a shimmer and it gives this piece a nice sophiscated finish.  Of course painting the inside drawer with a punch of color completes the entire makeover.  

Embossed Side Table-11

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