Reclaimed Wood Nightstand!

I am participating in the Fab Flippin Furniture Contest again this month and August’s theme is “Icing on the Cake.”  I wanted to complete this reclaimed wood nightstand for this theme as I think it fits great.  The “Icing on the Cake” theme is all about embellishing an existing furniture piece, and this I gave plenty of extra embellishments.  

Reclaimed Wood Top Nightstand-11

This piece looks to be a side of a desk.  It was missing the top and it had holes where it was attached to the desk.

Reclaimed Wood Top Nightstand

As you can see, this piece was in need of some TLC.

Reclaimed Wood Top Nightstand-2

I added a reclaimed wood top with old oak pieces that I had removed from my home when I did my kitchen remodel.  

Reclaimed Wood Top Nightstand-3

I cut the oak board into 3 pieces using my table saw, sanded down using my Ryobi finishing saw and attached together using my Kreg Jig.  Once is was together, I used a dark gel stain for the top.

You can watch this video that I did on how to use the mini Kreg Jig kit.  

I just started doing videos using a new app called “Periscope” So you are seeing me learn how to do videos.  When you use the periscope app, the broadcast is live and people can leave comments as you are recording.  It is an interactive way to broadcast.  If you download the app, make sure you follow me to see my live broadcasts.  

I also recorded a video on how I filled the holes from where this piece was taken apart from the original desk.  

Reclaimed Wood Top Nightstand-8

I mixed a few of my paint colors to get a custom blue shade for the base of this nightstand.  I also distressed the piece down to show the original wood tone as well as the soft green/grey color that someone painted.

Reclaimed Wood Top Nightstand-10

I painted the drawers in a bright lime green color and decoupaged colorful napkins on the fronts.  

I also made a video to show you how to decoupage with napkins.  Please forgive me on this recording, it is in the wrong viewing direction.  Like I said I am trying to learn how best to do these recordings.  I need to learn how to edit and change directions for viewing!  

Reclaimed Wood Top Nightstand-12

Once the piece was complete, I added some more details to the cake by adding these fun handles supplied by D. Lawless Hardware. D. Lawless is this month sponsor for the #FabFurnitureContest.  

Reclaimed Wood Top Nightstand-13

I would say that this piece is truly the “Icing on the Cake” with all the added details.  

Fab Flippin' Furniture Contest graphic1

You can also see the other great entries for this months contest at some of our hostesses pages.  Please visit Michelle over at Dandelion Patina or Evey over at Sweet Song Bird, they are this months featured hosts.  

Reclaimed Wood Top Nightstand-15

If you are interested in participating in our contest, please contact Stacy ( or Evey ( 

Reclaimed Wood Top Nightstand-18

You can also go over to one of the featured hosts pages to vote for me!  


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9 Responses to Reclaimed Wood Nightstand!

  1. I’m a sucker for a good decoupage! Love these napkins. They remind me of some paper/tissue/tablecloth??? that I picked up for nothing because it would be so pretty decoupaged. Then I got water all over it and the colors ran all over it. Anyway, love the hardware you picked out to go with this. Very nice dear!

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