Hand Making Wooden Wall Letters for my Son’s Bedroom Makeover!

I decided to make my own wooden wall letters for my son’s bedroom makeover.  I know you can buy the letters at the craft store, but I already had the wood and the means to make my own template, so I chose to DIY.  I think ultimately that I just like to use my power tools, so any excuse to cut wood and I am in.  

Handmade Wooden Wall letters- using a Silhouette and paper @Designed Decor


I started to make the templates with my favorite friend, Cameron.  I used the “Berlin Sans FB” font on each letter.  I made each letter the same in size and had Cameron cut them out for me.  

wall letters


I placed the letters on my plywood board and traced each one.  

cutting out the wall letters-


This is the fun part, cutting them out with my jigsaw.   

sanding down the edges of the wall letters-


Once they were all cut out, I sanded down the rough edges.

painting wall letters-


Hand painted the edges with black paint and let them dry.

Wall decor letters


I chose scrapbook paper in the black, whites and reds, all the colors of my son’s bedroom.  My son’s school colors are black, white and red, which allowed me to use the scrapbook paper with his school name.  I also choose the music notes and instrument paper as he plays the saxophone, tuba and sings and performs in the stage choir.

using a template


I had to trace the letters by hand, and allow for a 1/4 inch on the inside when I hand cut them out.  I wanted them to show the black paint as an accent.   I could not use Cameron for this as his cuts are straight and perfect and mine have a heavy hand of hand cut.  Tracing them allowed me to match my imperfections.  

Mod Podge

Final coat of Mod Podge

Applied a layer of Mod Podge and placed the paper on top and sealed with another layer of Mod Podge.  Incase you missed the painting of the shelves and bedside table or my lamp makeover, you can click the links to follow along with the bedroom makeover.  

Wall Decor Letters

 Come join some of my blogging friends as we all used a jigsaw to create some great DIY projects.  We are inspiring and empowering women to pick up a power tool and give it a try.


 Power Tool Challenge Team







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27 Responses to Hand Making Wooden Wall Letters for my Son’s Bedroom Makeover!

  1. Your son has to be thrilled with this DIY! The scrapbook paper makes a great accent for the letters. A few years ago I made similar letters for my classroom wall and each year when I get a new group they always love it. Who knows? Your letters could end up in a dorm room some day!

  2. DeDe… I have no doubt your son loved adding his name to his room! love the idea of Mod Podging them with paper that has meaning to him too. Thnks for sharing your project with the Power Tool Challenge group!

  3. wow!! you have some awesome saw skills! I’m so impressed how the wood cut outs look just like the font on the paper ones… You should start taking orders ;o)

  4. Wow, your letters look so good! That’s great that you could choose whatever font and size you want too and cut them yourself. Looking forward to seeing more of your DIY’s and that room reveal!

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