Outdoor Water Fountain from #LampsPlus!

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Who knew that Lamps Plus had an Outdoor Water Fountain?  I was looking online for styles of fountains because I have not been able to find one that I wanted from my local stores.  This is when I discovered that Lamps Plus carries outdoor items as well as great home decor items.  I guess that is where the “plus” comes from in “Lamps Plus.  

Lamps Plus

I highly recommend that you hop on over to their site to see all the great home and outside decor.  But first, take a look at my new water fountain.  

Water Fountain~ Lamps Plus~ Water Feature-


I am in love with my addition to the deck.  I am a water sign, and I love the sound of any type of running water.  My alarm clock has the different water sounds and I set it to fall asleep to running water.  

Water Fountain~ Lamps Plus~ Party Lights

This is my spot on the deck, the water fountain is directly behind this seat, which is perfect to listen to the running water.  I had perfect weather yesterday and decided to take a nap in his spot.  

Lighted Water Fountain~ Lamps Plus~ Water Feature-9

I made sure that the fountain I selected had lights, and I love how this water fountain looks at night.  It adds so much ambiance to our deck.  

Lighted Water Fountain~ Lamps Plus~ Party Lights

I also purchased the party lights from Lamps Plus, remember the “plus.”  These party lights add just the right amount of mood lighting.


Outdoor Inspirations Collage 

Here is just a small sampling of the great products you will find on Lamps Plus.  Make sure you check out my Outdoor Inspiration board on Pinterest where I have added some of these great products.  

55 Downing Street

Another great site they have is “55 Downing Street”  55 Downing Street is your premier source for designer home furnishings and décor that are on-trend and on-style. Discover thousands of the top looks in furniture, tabletop accents, home textiles, tabletop-ware and more.

Water Fountain~ Lamps Plus~ Water Feature

OK, now you can stop over to Lamps Plus and shop your heart out!  


Water Fountain~ Lamps Plus~ Water Feature-6



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11 Responses to Outdoor Water Fountain from #LampsPlus!

  1. Love it. I really like that it lights up. I could just hang out there every evening. I’d just need some lightening bugs in the mix to look at. Sign me up to come visit ya, and I’ll hang out there with ya!

    Shannon ~ bohemianjunktion.com

    • Jeanette, I love the lights! I knew that I wanted one with lights and I love how it looks at night! I could sleep right next to it and be happy, except for the bugs! Lol

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