Dog Bone Wall Shelf!

July and August is coined the “Dog Days of Summer.”   I actually did a google search to find out where the term came from and this is what I discovered.  The term comes from the star “Sirius,” which is the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major.  The dog days of summer are actually July 3 through August 11. Those days are the 20 days before and 20 days after the “Dog” star Sirius rises and falls in conjunction with sun.  Since this coincides with the heat of summer, the term stuck and now refers to the hot summer days.  Ok, enough about that and on to the Dog Bone Wall Shelf that I built for Ryobi Nation and the “Dog Days of Summer Giveaway.  

Dog Bone Wall Shelf - RyobiNation - Dog Days of Summer-Giveaway

I am very excited to team up with Ryobi once again and building this Dog Bone Wall Shelf.  You will find this and other great “Dog Days of Summer” dog projects over at RyobiNation.  

Dog Bone Wall Shelf- Ryobi Nation- Dog Days of Summer- Giveaway

We built this dog bone wall shelf for my puggle “Cinnamon” aka “Professional Photo Bomber”  I wanted an area to hold her leash, treats, poop bags and a few other essentials.  So I imagined the shelf and Mr. DD made the plans for it.  

Dog Bone Wall Shelf- Ryobi Nation- Dog Days of Summer- Giveaway-2

This is how she received the name “Professional Photo Bomber.”  I am always photographing something and she manages to sneak her cute little self in the picture.  This was not staged, she came along and laid her little self down by her shelf and looked at me with those big brown puggle eyes and said “Is it done yet so we can go on a walk.”  I am very certain that is what she was saying!   So do you want to make one?  You can get the “free plans” and tutorial from Ryobi Nation.  

Build this Dog Bone Wall Shelf- Free plans- Ryobi Nation- Dog Days of Summer-Giveaway



Ryobi Nation has also been very generous to offer my readers a giveaway and a chance to win this AWESOME prize package!  All you have to do is sign on to your Ryobi Nation account or create a new account, it is free and easy to do.  Just by signing in or creating a new account you will automatically be entered to win.  No forms to fill out, no following social media channels, just click over and sign in!  

Ryobi Dog Days of Summer Giveaway

So what are you waiting for?  Click over for a chance to win this great prize package and build your next project with Ryobi tools.  


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