T-Shirt Rug and No-Sew Blanket for the Boy’s Bedroom!

Are you looking to add a few easy no sew projects to your child’s bedroom?  I made a T-Shirt rug and a no-sew reversible blanket to my Boy’s Bedroom.  They were easy to make and added some comfort to the room.  

Repurposed T-Shirt Rug-

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With a house full of boys, we always have old t-shirts ready to be used for all kinds of cleaning, but why not use them for something besides cleaning the car or floor.   I decided I had plenty of red, black, white and gray t-shirts to make a t-shirt rug for my son’s bedroom.  These colors are our high school colors, so we have no shortage of black, red, gray and white t-shirts.  

supplies for a Repurposed T-Shirt Rug

Source List:

Rug Canvas 

Latch Hook

Cutting Mat

Rotary Cutter

I purchased the rug canvas and the latch hook from JoAnn’s.  The rug canvas was a 3 x 5 and I had every intention of making this size.  You will read later in the post why I made the rug smaller than intended.    You will want to stick around and find out if you are tempted to make a T-Shirt rug.

how to cut a Repurposed T-Shirt Rug

 I started by cutting all the sleeves off each t-shirt and trimmed off all the seams and collar.  I then cut the fabric into 1 inch wide strips by 5 inches long.  I placed all the cut pieces by color into separate boxes to make it easy to grab the color I needed.  

cutting strips for a Repurposed T-Shirt Rug-


I cut  and cut and cut some more.  I lost track of how many t-shirts I ended up using for this project, but I think it was 4 or 5 (short sleeve men’s size medium or large.) per color.  

latch hook Rug-

 I had more red and black t-shirts so I made a pattern using more of those colors.  I started by latching one of each color on the end, so I could make it easier to form my pattern and not have to remember what color came next after I completed a row.  At this point, I shortened my rug to be a 3 x 4.  

latch hook Repurposed T-Shirt Rug-


I latched and latched and latched some more.  WHAT WAS I THINKING! I even said to myself, who’s great idea was it to make this rug?  So here is your warning, this takes A LOT of time to complete this rug.  I would sit with Mr. DD and latch in the evenings while we watched T.V.  This rug was a project I did in the Fall well before Christmas.  Just to let you know, I used 2900 strips of fabric for this rug.  I am here to say, I won’t be doing another one of these anytime soon!  

Now for the easy breezy project, a no-sew reversible blanket.  

No Sew reversible Blanket-


I know, these have been done before, but they are a favorite in my house.  We have a few on them, but we needed one in black and red, especially one with puppy prints on it.  Our High School mascot is a bulldog and I take this blanket with me to our football games, to watch my son march at halftime.  

No Sew Blanket supplies


Oh, by the way, I love the fabric cutter.  I have never used one before but knew I needed it for both of these projects and now I wonder how I lived without it.  Oh, I know, I really don’t sew, so never really needed one.  I also purchased my fleece fabric from Joann’s

how to cut a No Sew Blanket-


I am not going to explain the process because I am sure it has been explained many times before and it is pretty self-explanatory.  

No Sew Blanket-


Just make sure to tie the knots really tight and maybe double knot them.  Again, I am talking from experience.  I washed my blanket and ended up with 2 separate pieces.   It was difficult to get back together because not all sides were equal and again, found this out the hard way.  I tied the entire blanket up and found this out on the last side.  I had extra ties???  I had to untie them all, and figure out how they matched up and do it all again.  So I have officially tied this blanket 3 times!   I am glad that I can teach you all about my dumb mistakes.  

I hope you are ready to see the boy’s attic makeover

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18 Responses to T-Shirt Rug and No-Sew Blanket for the Boy’s Bedroom!

  1. I make T-shirts quilts as a paying hobby. So I have hundreds of t-shirt backs (since the fronts were used in the quilt). I hate to toss them so I am looking for a project to use them up. This looks perfect. I am a latch hooker from my high school days. My question ~ did you use every grid square or did you skip one in between?
    If you have any other ideas for my hundreds of t-shirt squares, I would love to know about them.

    • Cindy, I skipped grids because the knot was big. I have a bracelet that is made out of old t-shirts. The person I bought it from weaves the t-shirts and puts 2 large rings on the end that clip together. I love my t=shirt bracelet. I googled t-shirt scraps and found you can make flowers, dish cloths, headbands and yarn for knitting. I hope this helps!

  2. I love this idea. When it comes to projects, time is a thing I have. Tackling Difficult projects has never been easy for me. I have never been good when it came to these kinda crafts…sewing, clothing, fashion…its just not my gift. But you really made this look easy. I understand it takes time and I’m ok with that. Even so, I find myself wishing I had more things to get into during the day. So if its not too much to ask, I had a couple questions before I go blowing a bunch of hours away only to make a mess. How has it held up? Is it more a rug of decoration or is it used daily? I ask because I have a 4 year old so things get used if they are on the floor. And as far as cleaning….is it something that you can throw in the washing machine considering it is just shirts? I know you said you need close to 3, 000 peices….so I’m a little slow on this one….when you say you used 4-5 shirts, did you mean that’s what you started with before you realized you were going to need more or did you mean you got that many thread peices out of 4-5 tshirts. I’m thinking you got more, I know this may make me sound like a total idiot, but I’m more of a video learner and have always struggled with directions. But I really want to take this project on. It looks so much fun and such a creative idea. Thanks so much for sharing, and sorry for all the questions. I’d be nothing but grateful if you answered even just one. If I feel confident going in, ill share again my final result here too.
    Amanda from Nashville

    • Amanda, Thanks so much for taking the time to ask your questions. This rug is in my teenage boys rug, he steps on it but it has not been used and abused. I have not had the need to wash it yet, but since it is t-shirts it should was up fine, the only concern would be some of the t-shirt strands coming loose. I would recommend that it be washed on gentle with a low spin. I am trying to remeber yo the best of my knowledge about how many t shirts. I think i used 3 t-shirts for each color. So atleast 8 were used. I used every inch of material that i could get a 1 inch strip out of. It is an easy project to complete and you will be able to complete it with no problems. I did this in the evenings watching TV. Time consuming but easy. I hope this helps you out! And yes, please let me know how it turns out!

  3. I have a blanket or two like that, but I’ve never made one…one day I will, though!
    I loved the idea of the t-shirt rug when I saw it…I’m glad you explained how to do it…I’m totally NOT making one now, lol!!! I make jewelry out of old t-shirts, but that rug sounds like too much! (Well, at least to make and sell…I don’t have that kind of time since I have a booth at an event next weekend). I DO love both projects, though! Thanks for sharing!!! 🙂

    – Brooke –

    • Brooke, to make and sell you would never get your labor out of the piece. It is a good winter project to make while watching a movie. The rug will be in my house for a long time and then given to the boys later, it was a true labor of love.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I totally want to do this now! Were you able to make the whole thing with only those 4 t-shirts? opps, just saw you answered this! Guess I would have to thrift some shirts! Pinning!

  5. DeDe, lo-ove the tee-shirt rug (did you make it in my high school colors just for me?). But I can guarantee that I won’t be making one if it takes almost 3000 strips of fabric. I’ll just sit here and be impressed with yours. Great job!

    • Susan, Have you ever done a project and said “I will never do that again’? Well this is one of “those” projects! I still can’t believe I cut all of those pieces of t-shirt! I do love seeing it in his room, when I can find the floor that is!

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