Last Minute Thrift Store Gift Ideas!

Christmas gifts don’t have to break the budget.  I have found some great last minute thrift store gift ideas that you could complete this week for those who are still on your gift list.  All gifts do not have to be brand new and expensive.  I would much rather receive a thrift store makeover gift and use it then something that will sit and collect dust and never get used.  


last-minute-thrift-store-gift-ideasThe best part about this round-up is it is just not for Christmas giving.  You can use this thrift store gift list for all of those special occasions.  


Image transfer on a cutting board from That Sweet Tea Life.  Such a great gift idea, because you could place any type of image on the cutting board and it can be personalized.  

michelle-may-3-diy-double-tiered-tray-pic-1DIY Tier Tray from Michelle J Designs.  We all know that you can find so many plates at the thrift store, so why not turn them into a tiered tray.  You could use everyday plates like Michelle did or use some fun seasonal plates for those cookies for Santa.  


Cabinet door turned Chalkboard Message Board from Home to Heather.    This is a simple makeover that can be a great use for any family.  It can be used as a menu board like Heather did or as a message board or for some inspirational quotes.  


Outdated plaque makeover from Salvage Sister and Mister.  If you do any shopping at a  thrift store, then I know you all have seen some form of a plaque like this.  The options are endless on what you could paint on the front of this plaque.  


Painted Vases from ReInvented.    You might not even need to go to the thrift store to find a vase to paint, you probably have a few in your own cupboard, I know I do.  You could add a fresh bouquet of flowers to your favorite mother in law or host of the party.  


Bread Tin turned Teacher gift from 3 Little Greenwoods.  Such a cute way to wrap a gift, use an old tin.  You can find all shapes and sizes of old tins at the thrift store.  Again, I know I have a few in my basement stash and I try to use them to give cookies to my neighbors.

<img class=”aligncenter wp-image-15199″ title=”upcycled-shell-trinket-dishes-pillar-box-blue” src=”” alt=”upcycled-shell-trinket-dishes-pillar-box-blue” width=”650″ height=”975″nopin = “nopin/>

Shell Trinket Dishes from Pillar Box Blue.  How cute would these be to sit near a sink or on the night stand?  Claire actually used real shells and added the cute animals to hold rings.  So clever.  


Thrift Store Tray from Green with Decor.  This is a perfect gift for the hostess.  I have seen chalkboard trays used to serve cheese or appetizers and they label the food.  This is the perfect trendy gift for most people on your list.  I have to admit that I have a few of the scalloped trays in my stash as well.  


Thrift Store Frame Makeover – This is the perfect gift for any occasion.   What is your favorite thrift store makeover?  



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