How to Decorate a Large Wall!

One of the many questions people ask in the decorating world is “How do I Decorate a Large Wall”?  Well I want to share some simple ideas to help get you started on completing the task.  

How to Decorate Large Wall Spaces

  1. The first thing to consider is “functionality” of the space.  Will this space be for decor only or does it need a function.  I consider a space that needs function as a storage area for storing  books, kids school items etc.  Will this space serve for different functions?  Do you move your furniture around and the area needs decorated to accommodate a changing space.  

How to Decorate a Large Wall on Thrift Store Budget (5 of 9)

For this large area in my living room, I decided to add wooden floating shelves (<—-affiliate link) to fill the space.  I took into account that I needed the space to fit a changing area.  I switch my living area around in the winter to get the couch away from the bay window so the space needed to work with a sofa as well as the media center.  I also like to change my decor around and having the shelves allows me to make changes to my decor without having to change the hanging locations of items.  Mr. DD frowns at having holes in the plaster walls.  


2.  Consider your budget before planning the wall space.  Consider the amount of money you have to decorate a space before you get grand ideas and discover that your idea would break the budget.  Also remember that you can find thrift store items and repurpose or paint them to give them the designer looks without the price tag to go along with it.  All the items on my floating wall shelves are from thrift stores, garage sales or the sale/clearance isle at my favorite retailers.  

 photo 79eea1b5-06bf-42db-87b7-a6df607c4cb6_zpsqcnbxav6.jpg

  3.  Consider the Scale of the space.  You can easily place large scaled items into a space to fill the wall.  You want the item to fill the space but not to over power the wall.  

 photo 958ef114-64c9-44f0-b2ea-2aeb5d7adc6d_zpshpqbpr6h.jpg

 Placing a series of small prints and objects will work great to fill a space.  I recommend that you make a temporary design by taping the same size paper to the space so you can easily change the pattern without placing all those holes in your wall before deciding on the final layout.  Remember Mr. DD. hates putting unnecessary holes in the wall.  

How to Decorate a Large Wall on Thrift Store Budget

Remember that decorating a space takes times.  It is always a trial and error and you have to build upon a few good decorating pieces and make changes along the way.  Remember to always “laugh” at where you were because there is always room for improvement.  My space is forever changing as well as myself, so that is why I like to change my space around so much.  


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