Going Green to do my part!

 A few months back, I came across this great article about this family that made a major lifestyle change for the better for the environment.  I was very much impressed with what this family is doing.  You can read about this family and what they have accomplished.  Here is a link to the Zero Waste Home.   http://zerowastehome.blogspot.com/p/about.html

So since reading this blog, I have thought of the things we now do to help the environment and what more we could do.  Let me start by saying, there is no way that I could be zero waste like the Johnson family, but we can certainly do a better job. 

Australian Green Bag
Australian Green Bag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here are a few of the little things we already do to help with zero waste.  We recycle our plastic, bottles, newspaper and cardboard.  I take reusable bags to the store.  I use a reusable water bottle.  I reuse all the old plastic grocery bags as trash can liners.  I shop at the local farmers market when in season.  We use tap water and not bottled water.  We re-use single sided paper for scrape paper.  We use worn out clothing as cleaning rags.  We review bills on-line instead of having them printed and mailed.  I reuse cardboard and packaging materials for my home business when shipping goods.  I swap books instead of buying new books.  Here is a great site to use to swap books and music.  http://www.swap.com/books/  You can also use the market site to swap other items.  http://market.swap.com/  I switched to all natural cleaning products and organic lawn and plant fertilizers.

Now for the things that we are going to start to do to make a bigger difference with a zero waste home.  I have started to line dry the laundry.

A clothes line with some pegs (clothespins) ne...
A clothes line with some pegs (clothespins) nearby. Français : Des pince à linges sur une corde à linge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 I still use the dryer for all the undergarments, there are some things the neighbors do not need to see.  I also throw the clothes in the dryer for 5 minutes once I bring them in from the clothes line, we have a dog and the dog hair does not come off in the washer.  I am using all our bath and shower gels and we will be switching to soap, since there is less packaging waste for a bar of soap.  I will also be buying handmade soap to help support local business.  I have started a small container garden.  I will post more on my gardening adventure in other blogs.  I am going to use an old seer sucker robe and make reusable napkins.  I will start to make my home cleaning products as I run out of the items we are using.  Here is a great link I came across for making cleaning products.   http://eartheasy.com/live_nontoxic_solutions.htm 

As my mind continues to think of the many more ways my family and I can make a difference in our environment, I will continue to blog on going green.  What are some other ideas that you can think of to share with us all to become zero waste?

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