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Do you and your family like to spend quality time by putting together a jigsaw puzzle?  Do you hate the fact that it takes days or even weeks to put together a jigsaw puzzle and your kitchen, dining or coffee table is left with the unfinished puzzle?  Or better yet, you have company coming over and you need to clean your house and you hate to have to remove the unfinished puzzle.  I know they make felt puzzle mats that can be placed under the puzzle in case you need to roll it up and put it away, but that doesn’t help either when it comes to a neat and organized space.  I decided that building a DIY puzzle game table was the solution to an organized space in our house.  

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My family enjoys putting together jigsaw puzzles and we have not done one in a long time because I hate for a puzzle to be left out on the dining room table.  I told Mr. DD that I wanted to replace our current coffee table and build a puzzle game table.  I had the vision in my head and I needed to explain what that vision was to Mr. DD.  This puzzle game table turned out great and we had to change a few plans along the way.  

My plan was to have stools under the table so you could pull those out and sit and work on the puzzle.  Mr. DD wanted these stools to also be used as a footstool and he had a certain height requirement that he liked for his footstool.   The footstools needed to be almost as high as the couch because he did not like a low footstool so this made our puzzle game table higher than your average coffee table height.  This also keeps my living room organized since the stools fit under the table.  

After deciding I did not want to use 2 x 4’s as the table legs because the look of a square box leg would not fit with my other “leggy” items in the room and after pricing new table legs, I decided that repurposing a table would be the answer.  Remember, we needed taller legs so a dining table would have to be what we needed.  I  found this dining table and 4 chairs for $25.  This was the answer, I would use the table legs and the chairs would become stools.  This was a more affordable way to build a puzzle table instead of buying all new wood.  


Once the table was built, I took her over to my paint workshop so I could stain the top and spray the base.  All of those frames are being sprayed as well for my wall decor next to the media stand.  

First coat!  I used General Finishes Milk Paint in Basil.  

I cut off the tops of the chairs using a Ryobi reciprocating saw. 

I squared off the edges using a Ryobi table saw or you could use a circular saw.  I stained the legs a darker color using Ryobi table saw and sealed with Minwax Spray Sealer in satin.  

Now I can stay organized and spend quality family time together.  I just simply close the top and drawers and you would never know we are working on a puzzle under there.  I plan on sharing a post in the near future on how exactly this table was built but for now, stop over to my other Power Tool Challenge Team’s pages to see how they are staying organized in this new year. 

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49 Responses to DIY Puzzle Game Table

  1. What an amazing idea! I certainly wish I was as inventive as you are. I would also like the plans when you have them please; I can think of so many different applications for this great table. Thank you for sharing.

  2. What a great idea. I love the puzzle table. I would love to have the plans when they’re available. Thank you.

  3. Please share the puzzle table instructions when you can. Would love this for my husband’s next DIY project.😊

  4. Great idea! would love to get the plans. My daughter is finishing her masters and would LOVE! this and now she will have time to work on puzzles. Please let me know when the plans become available.

  5. I am very interested in obtaining/purchasing a copy of your puzzle table plans once the become available. Thank you.

  6. Please contact me when plans are available for the puzzle table. I need to find someone to do this for me!!!

      • Oh yes! I saw this and immediately wanted to get started making one. GENIUS!!!!! I would absolutely love to have the free land when and if you make them available. Please let me know how to reach you or what you need from me to reach out when they are available.

  7. Can you please send me the step by step plans as soon as you are able to. My brother is going to make me and my niece one. I hope they come out as beautiful as yours. I have puzzles hanging all over my house. Every room has puzzles that I have done. That is my way of decorating.

  8. Would LOVE the full instructions on this as I have been trying to come up with a better plan for puzzles! Currently we do them on the dining room table and cover with a tablecloth for meals! When do you plan to post the instructions?

  9. I absolutely love this useful and great looking table you’ve designed and created! We love working on puzzles too, but like you, we don’t want to leave them out cluttering up the dining table. Excited for the upcoming detailed post so maybe we can do something similar.

    • Hi Lynne, I am working on the plans now. We are making a complete supply list and a step by step build plan. Once I have it available I will reach out to you. We LOVE this table and all puzzle lovers need one!

    • Hi Debbie, I am working on the plans now. We are making a complete supply list and a step by step build plan. Once I have it available I will reach out to you.

  10. This is such a great idea! The stools, the cover, well everything – just perfect! A friend of mine received a puzzle portfolio as a gift one year for Christmas. It is amazing but this is way more fun! You’re a genius.

    • Thanks, Karen, I love how it turned out! We are almost done with the first puzzle and now I need to be in search at garage sales and Goodwill for some used puzzles.

  11. What a clever idea! It’s great that you can work on a puzzle yet be able to hide the mess of the puzzle away when you want the room to look neat and tidy. I’m sure there’s a lot of puzzle doing going on your way with snow and cold weather.

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