Repurposed Electric Spool Table!

I have been working on the deck and making a few updates to our outdoor living space.  We removed our Hot Tub and gave it to friends and now we have some additional space this year.  I have been making a few decorating changes to the deck and I made a Repurposed Electric Spool Table.  Repurposed-Electric-Spool-Table-

I fell in love with these planters from Marshalls.  Thye were the perfect color, size and shape to make side tables for the deck.  


As I was planning a table top for my ceramic planter, I remembered that I had an electric spool that I found in the trash and it was the perfect size I needed for the top.  So much easier to use this than making and having to cut one out.  


I had no idea how the electric spool was attached, so I used a Ryobi Jig Saw to cut away the heavy duty cardboard middle.  You could use a hand saw for this part if that is all you have on hand.  I unscrewed the metal rods that were holding the ends together and now I have 2 table tops.  


I sanded down the tops and stained with black.  

Repurposed-Electric-Spool-Table-5Since the tops are exposed to our crazy weather in Ohio, I sealed the tops using  an exterior polyurethane finish.  


I love how the tops turned out using a black stain.  I have so much brown wood on the deck that I wanted a darker color to make the tables stand out.  


I did make 2 tables but I can’t show you that part of the deck as I am still looking for 2 chairs to fill the space on the upper deck.  I have been going to a few garage sales in hopes of finding some abused ones that I can work a little magic on.  I love how this space is pulling together.  My favorite is the Vertical Herb Garden in the back ground.  


I have also teamed up with my Power Tool Challenge group and they are also sharing some great ideas for your patio, porch, and deck.  

Patio-Porch-Deck Inspirations-Power Tool Challenge


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20 Responses to Repurposed Electric Spool Table!

  1. Combining that pretty planter with the spool was so smart, and now you have a sweet outdoor table!

  2. What a great idea to use a wire spool to get two free tabletops. I’m kicking myself for not keeping the one that was in the trash at our construction site last summer. Your deck looks so inviting and I hope that you spend many happy hours out there this summer using that table to hold a refreshing beverage.

  3. love this project! i have some metal spools, so maybe i can take them apart and make something similar! thanks for the inspiration!

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