Lime Paint~Desk Makeover!

Sometimes a furniture piece is so ugly you need to hide how plain and boring it really is.  I used lime paint to help give this desk the makeover it really needed.  

La Chaux-French Lime Paint-Printemps-Desk Makeover-6

I love how the lime paint gave this desk the perfect mix of solid color on the base and the blended look of the lime paint.  

Desk Makeover-Before

She was pretty plain, boring and ugly!  I never have the heart to let pieces go to the trash.  I don’t even know if this was worthy of giving to Restore.

La Chaux-French Lime Paint-Printemps-Desk Makeover-3

The entire piece was painted using Maison Blanche in Creme de Menthe and sealed with white wax.  

La Chaux-French Lime Paint-Printemps-Desk Makeover-5

The top and drawer fronts were painted using Le Chaux from Maison Blance in the color printemps.  

La Chaux-French Lime Paint-Printemps-Desk Makeover

Since lime paint needs a chalk paint as is base paint, I like to have sections of the base paint showing through the lime paint.I love how you manipulate it to give it added texture.   I will have to do a video on how to use the lime paint.  

La Chaux-French Lime Paint-Printemps-Desk Makeover-7

I replaced the hardware with some pieces that I had in my stash.  I did use a 2 tone paint technique to give this hardware a new look as well.  Most old hardware pieces are always too old and faded with a bronze look and they all just need to be updated instead of looking outdated.  

La Chaux-French Lime Paint-Printemps-Desk Makeover-2

Using the La Chaux french lime paint was the perfect answer to this desk makeover.  




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