The Easiest Way to Stain a Deck!

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Believe me, when I say we NOW know the Easiest Way to Stain a Deck!  We have been staining the deck EVERY year for the past 18 years and this was the first year we have tried the StainStick with Gap Wheel from HomeRight.  Pssst- 

The easiest way to stain a deck

We have a lot of experience with the many different ways of staining a deck and by FAR, the stain stick is the best way from our experience.  

How to Clean and Stain a Deck - Thompson's WaterSeal-5How to Clean and Stain a Deck - Thompson's WaterSeal-6











Last year we sprayed it on and then had to use an old paint brush to spread the stain evenly over the deck boards.  It worked and it was messy and not to mention back-breaking.  We have used rollers in the past and they just seemed to push the stain instead of applying it.  

StainStick-Gap Wheel-HomeRight-Stain Applicator-5

This year was the fastest, cleanest, and easiest time we have ever had.  Loading the StainStick was a breeze and applying it was even easier.  Since we did not have to deal with clogged sprayers, messy rollers or bending over with a paint brush we were able to complete the deck staining in half the time as the years past.  Not to mention clean up was just as easy.  


StainStick-Gap Wheel-HomeRight-Stain Applicator-1

We removed our hot tub this year and we had a big difference between the unexposed area underneath the hot tub and the other deck boards.

StainStick-Gap Wheel-HomeRight-Stain Applicator-4

We started by applying one coat of the stain to the unexposed wood and let it dry completely.  

StainStick-Gap Wheel-HomeRight-Stain Applicator-First applicationYou can see how far 1 full StainStick application goes.  No bending over and fighting with other methods for applying the stain.  After the first application, Mr. DD stated this is the easiest time he has ever had staining our deck.  He was also so very thrilled that he did not have over spray or stain splatter on the house or on him.   

StainStick-Gap Wheel-HomeRight-Stain Applicator-second application

You can see how much easier and faster the applications are with the StainStick.  This year we only used 3 gallons of stain compared to using 5 gallons last year.  We did stain the fence and uprights on the deck last year which used a gallon of stain.  So overall, we used 1 less gallon of stain.

Next year, if the fence and uprights need to be stained, I will be using the Finish Max from HomeRight.  I did all those with a paint brush and it was very time-consuming.      


Last year was the first time we used a transparent stain on the deck.  We used Thompson’s Transparent in Acron Brown.  I loved how it brought the deck back to life and we received so many compliments on how great the deck looked.  Mr. DD was very worried about how the deck would look a year later and what we would have to do differently since we used a colored stain.  You can read how we transformed the deck last year.

StainStick-Gap Wheel-HomeRight-Stain Applicator-3

I have to tell you we did have a few areas that had more fading than other areas.  I have to think that it was due to a few factors such as application and also still having waterproofing still on those areas.   Like I mentioned before, we seal our deck every year and I think the areas that had sealer still on them the year before did not take the transparent stain as well.  Overall, I am thrilled with the transparent stain and we did not have to do anything additional or different since we started to use the color stain.  


The deck is coming together nicely this year and I will be sharing all the updates that we have done next week.  





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3 Responses to The Easiest Way to Stain a Deck!

  1. I love a product that makes me think “Why hasn’t anyone else thought of this before?”! Great post, and your deck looks amazing!

  2. This is amazing. Your deck looks fabulous. We just bought a house with a paint flaking deck and we need to strip the whole thing and then stain it (so we don’t have to deal with flaking paint again in a few years!). I can’t wait to get a gorgeous deck like this.

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