How to Lime Paint Furniture Workshop

Lime paint has been around for thousands of years and has many benefits like being mold and mildew resistant as well as having anti bacterial properties.  You can safely use lime paint in kids rooms and bathrooms.  I like to use lime paint on furniture to give added dimension and to cover up years of abuse that occurred on a piece of furniture.  You can learn from my “How to Lime Paint Furniture Workshop”

Learning how to lime paint furniture is not a hard process, just lengthy.  I show you the step by step process in the Lime Paint Furniture Workshop.  

The best part of the workshop is you get to see the transformation on an actual piece of furniture, not just a small sample board.  This buffet was very outdated with those tiger stripes on the doors and cabinets.  

I mentioned that the lime paint can cover up years of abuse.  This buffet had loose veneer so I used the lime paint to cover up the patched veneer.  


I love how you can create what looks like layers and layers of paint by using this one paint.  It is the painting process of lime painting that creates those layers.  

I have used lime paint on many different furniture pieces to achieve an aged layered paint look.  

I love how it looks on the front of the doors and drawers of this buffet.  

This desk was not old, just plain and boring.  Adding the lime paint allows you to give all furniture pieces a major transformation.  

This workshop includes a very detailed step by step video tutorial on how to achieve an aged paint look using lime paint.  This technique can be used on walls and much more than just furniture.  Lime paint is a great way to hide flawed furniture.  

Come over to see a quick teaser video from the Lime Paint Furniture Workshop.

While you are over there, make sure you take advantage of the FREE Workshop on how to prep furniture the proper way.  If you are going to take the time to paint a piece of furniture, I want to make sure you are taking the proper measures before applying that first coat of paint.  

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