How to make All-Purpose Cleaner!

If you have read along this past month, you probably have noticed that I have gradually switched over my household cleaners.  Now I am sharing my recipe for an all-purpose cleaner.  

Make your own All-Purpose Cleaner


You should know by now, that I like recipes that are simple and easy, and this one does not fail in that department.  

Mix equal parts of vinegar and water into a spray bottle, that’s it!  I choose to add a few drops of my do Terra lemon essential oil to help rid the smell of vinegar.   

DIY All-Purpose CleanerI chose to break out Cameron(Silhouette Cameo) and make a simple label for my bottle.   I like to use the vinyl to make labels for my cleaning bottles that way they stand up to any liquid that spills on them.  Yes, I learned this the hard way.  Last week I shared my recipe for homemade Toilet Bowl cleaner and made a label from my computer.  I guess I don’t need to tell you what happened to the ink the day I grabbed the bottle with my rubber gloves after I just scrubbed the tub.  I will be making new labels for these bottles.   

The other tip I would like to share is that if you are using essential oil in your all purpose cleaner to use glass bottles.  I know, I did not.  
I just purchased some glass spray bottles on-line and will be switching over once I get them.  



I gained this knowledge after I made my cleaner and purchased the spray bottle.  Do you use natural cleaners, if so what are your tips and advice for others?  

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Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner



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