Stenciled Clock Table!

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January brings a new year and with a new year is always time for a “Fresh Start”  I am teaming up this month with the Fab Flippin” Furniture group and our January sponsor General Finishes.  This Stenciled Clock table is perfect for this month’s theme. 

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The new year always brings a “Fresh Start” and this is our theme for January so I felt it very fitting to paint this mahogany leather top drum table with a clock on the top for a fresh start to the new year.  

Clock Table- Mahogany Leather Top Drum Table (3 of 13)

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I found this one over the summer at a garage sale and it has been sitting and waiting for my inspiration to strike.  Strike, like how a clock strikes time, no pun intended!  


We all know that the leather top tables are outdated and very few people want them in their current condition.  Most of the time the leather is cracking from being dry and old.  

drum table

I usually spray most of my furniture pieces and yes, you can spray on chalk paint.  You need to dilute the chalk paint with a small amount of water.  Each chalky paint brand has a different consistency so there is not set formula.  

Clock Table- Mahogany Leather Top Drum Table (2 of 13)

You can achieve this look by using the following General Finishes products: Chalky Style Paint in Chapin Gray and Slate Gray.  I started by painting a few coats of the light gray color.  I made my own glaze with the dark gray color and applied that over the light base color.  I like to glaze most of my furniture pieces, the glaze gives your painted furniture piece  a finished look.  Clock Table- Mahogany Leather Top Drum Table (9 of 13)

After the glazing was dry, I stenciled the top with the clock numbers and had enough room to add a center stencil.  I used flat out flat acrylic topcoat from General Finishes for the top of the table. I knew the top of the table would need more protection.  I used a clear wax to seal the sides and base of the table.  I have found that when painting a mahogany table and using a water base sealer, you discover bleed through after the top coat is applied.  This happens naturally from the tannins that are in the deep mahogany wood.  

Clock Table- Mahogany Leather Top Drum Table (6 of 13)

I spray painted the original drawer pull and claw feet with Rustoleum pewter hammered paintClock Table- Mahogany Leather Top Drum Table (8 of 13)

Please stop over to one of our hosts blogs: Anastasia Vintage or  Evey’s Creations to see all the other Fab Flippin’ projects.  Interested bloggers should contact if interested in participating in future contests.  


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