DIY Wicker Light!

I love the challenge of finding different items to turn into light fixtures.  I was shopping in World Market for Christmas gifts and found 2 wicker plate covers in the clearance section.  I, however, I did not see plate covers, I saw lights!  I easily made a  DIY Wicker light.  

DIY Pendant Light - DIY Wicker Light

I orginally made a different light fixture for the attic area and it was too big for this space.  So I was on a mission to find something else to make a light fixture for this area.  Once I saw the wicker plate covers, I knew it would work as a light fixture.  

DIY Pendant Light - Wicker Light - Before = plate cover

This is what they looked like orginally.  The best part was I did very little work to convert them to a lamp shade.  

DIY Pendant Light - DIY Custom Stairway Runners (9 of 15)

I trimmed back the top edge becasue it had a slight point to it and I wanted it to fit flush against the ceiling cover.  

DIY Pendant Light - DIY Custom Stairway Runners (7 of 15)

I used the top dome as my ceiling plate cover and used the small piece on the inside of the wicker shade to cover up the hole.  

DIY Pendant Light - DIY Custom Stairway Runners (8 of 15)

I had to drill a larger hole in both pieces to fit the lamp nipple where the wiring goes through.  

DIY Bamboo Light (7 of 9)

The second cover I used to make a hanging wicker pendant light.  

DIY Bamboo Light (3 of 9)



I purchased(affiliate link – – ->) a cord swag kit from World Market for this one.  I drilled  a larger hole into the dome pieces to fit the cord through.  

DIY Bamboo Light (4 of 9)

I used my wire cutters to cut the cord to string it trhough the small holes.  

DIY Bamboo Light (5 of 9)

I spliced the wires back together and wrapped with electrical tape.  You don’t even see that this was done since I cut it right where the wicker shade sits.  

DIY Bamboo Light (9 of 9)

I placed the hanging wicker shade lamp in this spot in my living room so you could see what the hanging one looked like.  This one was taken to my store to sell.  

DIY Wicker Pendant lighting

Turning items into lamps is easier than you think.  You just need to have the vision to see that an item can become a light.  




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