Office Project – Inspiration and Organization Part 1!

Last week I shared my updated office. Today I want to share the office project that helped me be better organized in our office.

Using floppy disks to make a note pad and pen holder for the office desk.

Let me first start with the office project of using the old floppy disks (that we have an over abundance of).

Removing labels from floppy disks

The first step was to remove the labels. I used Goof Off to start. This was so strong that it began to eat away the plastic of the floppy disk, not a good option. I than reached for the WD-40, this worked like a charm. It removed all the stick from the labels and left me with a clean surface.

Repurposing floppy disks to make a note pad and pen holder for the office desk.

Next I placed a hole towards the bottom of the disk: there was a circle that went half way through the disk, I just made it continue all the way through. I used these holes and the square holes at the top(which write protect the floppy) attach the disks together, using small cable ties. I then glued a floppy disk in to the middle to use as a divider. I used liquid nails adhesive, this stuff is my go to adhesive. Next, I used a few more floppy disk to make several note pads. I already had note paper the correct size, so I only needed to add holes to the top. Again, I used cable ties to attach the floppy disk with the paper.

Repurposing floppy disks to make a note pad and pen holder for the office desk.

My husband loved his repurposed floppy disk office project.

The next office project I did was to make a mat at the back door to place our wet, snowy shoes. Of course I could not just place the plain black plastic mat that I purchased from the store at the door, I had to give it charter! I decided to try repurposing the wine corks as the mat topper. I have seen many posts on using wine cork for a mat, and decided to give it a try.

shoe mat 1

cutting wine corks to fit the shoe mat

I placed the corks in my miter saw box, and used a hack saw to cut them in half. I wont lie, this was a long and tedious thing to do. I enjoyed drinking the wine way more than cutting the corks in half. Yes, my husband and I enjoyed all those bottles that you see above; it was a tough job but we had to do it so I could make some crafts! I am now saving for my next wine cork project, hee-hee!

shoe mat 3

Before gluing the corks into place, I had to shave the ridges off of my plastic mat. If you look at the first picture above you can see them, they prevented my corks from sitting evenly on the mat. I used a wood plain to shave them down flat. I used my favorite adhesive and glued each cork on to the mat. I came across this post about sealing a wine cork mat and you can read about her experience of sealing her wine cork mat. I love how this mat looks now, tedious but worth it!

shoe mat 4

Next week I will share with the inspirational and decorative changes I made in my office. signature


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19 Responses to Office Project – Inspiration and Organization Part 1!

  1. This is killing me. Such a great idea, but I have no idea where to find a floppy. Probably at my parent’s house 🙂 We are starting a link up party on Thursdays (today:), and we would love for you to join us with this post and/or any others you would like to include. We are at Hope to see you there!!

  2. Yay!! You found a way to use old disks!!!

    Thanks for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer last week. Can’t wait to see what you link up tomorrow evening! Have a great day!!

  3. These floppy disc boxes are amazing!! So fun bringing the retro floppy discs onto our desks! I will definitely try and find some old ones at home and make these 🙂 Pinning now! Thanks for posting!

  4. I’m so glad you didn’t combine the wine drinking with the cork cutting… that would have been bad! 😉 Your final project is amazing! Love the floppy disk project too, I completely forgot about using WD-40 to get tags and stickers off; thanks for the reminder; plus I love the smell of that stuff! All around great job… xoxo jules

  5. Great projects! Love the floppy disc idea! I haven’t seen those in such a long time!
    I don’t know that I’d have the patience for the cork matt, but it looks wonderful! I’ll just admire yours!

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