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Do you ever find chairs on the side of the road in a trash pile ready for the garbage truck?  Do find them at garage sales or thrift stores?  Do they seem to be everywhere you look?  Do you ever think what can I do with this free chair?  Do you want to bring that chair home but don’t know what to do with it?  Well, I can show you how to repurpose part of the chair into a Repurposed Chair Leg Bench. 

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Just when I tell myself I can not stop and pick up or buy another chair, there they are.  They are just begging me to stop my car and pick them up or buy them and take them home to add to my chair pile.  Yes, I have a chair stockpile!  I just can’t pass up a free chair or one that is really cheap.

When I picked these chairs up from the curb, the seats were broken and a lot of spindles were missing from the tops of the chairs.  I stopped because I just can’t pass up free. I forgot to take a before picture before I disassembled the chairs.  This is how the chair legs sat in my chair stockpile until last week.  

I had a vision of cutting wood boards and making a bench seat for the chair legs.  I was hoping they would fit in the space in my entryway, so I brought the chair legs home from my workshop so I could place them in the entryway to see how they would fit.  They were going to be a perfect size, so I proceeded by cutting some barn wood that I had purchased a few years ago.  

After cutting the boards to size, I ran them through a Ridgid wood planner, to remove all the dirt and grim of sitting in an outdoor wood pile for years.   I know, some people want that aged wood look, but I chose to plan and smooth the boards.  I attached them together using a Kreg Jig.  

First, we measured and marked where each leg needed to be placed.    Since the chair legs sit at an angel, we needed to drill the hole at the same angle so the leg fits properly and snug.  After marking all the legs, we slightly moved the leg off the mark and used the legs angel and drilled using a spade bit. 

Note:  We did have to slightly shorten 2 of the legs from each chair leg set.  Since the front legs of these chairs sat at a different angle than the back legs, 2 of the legs were slightly longer than the other 2 legs.  This is how the bench looked before stain and paint!  I love how a good plan comes together. 

I tested different stain colors on the underside of the bench to see which color would look best. 

I stained the top using Minwax in dark walnut, sealed with Minwax wipe-on poly.  I painted the chair legs using General Finishes Milk Paint in a custom color.  If you want to know the color, stop over to see my dining room table makeover, since I shared the paint color blend on that post.  

I attached the chair legs to the bench seat using gorilla wood glue and clamps.  I let that sit overnight before removing the clamps.  

I love how the repurposed chair leg bench turned out and it looks perfect in the space.  

I have had many things placed in this area of my home.  The entryway has been the overflow area, where I just randomly placed pieces in the space without creating a welcoming space.  The bench will be a permanent piece of furniture in the entryway and I will just change out some of the accessories to keep it looking fresh every season.    

I love mixing old with new to create a nice vignette in my home.  


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7 Responses to How to Build a Repurposed Chair Leg Bench the easy way!

  1. I love what you created! The barn wood top and chair leg bottom look great together and I really like the two-tone look that you gave this bench. It’s perfect for your foyer!

  2. DeDe This color combination is my favorite two-toned look. I love the way your chair leg bench turned out.

  3. Wow, this is absolutely darling! It fits perfectly in your nook and with just the right personality too! Pinned! I may have to make one of these for our place. The way you drilled the leg angle was smart too!

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