Dining Room Table Makeover!

Have you ever wanted to change the look of a room?  You know you want something new and different in the space but can’t figure out what to change.  I had this same problem in my dining room.  

This is my dining room from 2 years ago.  I like it but I did not love it.  I kept thinking it had just way too much wood tones in the room and everything blended in and nothing stood out.  Two years later and I am finally updating the space.  I decided to paint the walls lighter and tone down all that wood by painting my dining room table.  

So here it as after I painted the walls in SW7035 Aesthetic white.  I moved all the furniture into the living room and painted it on a weekend when Mr. DD was out of town.  He was a little surprised to find out I took on the project when he was gone.  He knew it was getting painted and I think he fully expected to be helping.  It already looks lighter and still needed less wood.  See that amazing Apothecary cabinet in the background, that has a big story behind it and I will be sharing the story and the small transformation I gave that piece as well.  

I found this fabric and this became the color options for the dining room table makeover.  I was originally going to use this fabric for the seats on the chairs, paint the chairs the taupe color and the table base was going to be the dark color.   This was the plan but somehow did not turn out exactly as planned.  

I blended a few different colors and made some sample boards to determine the right color combinations I needed to match the fabric.

I ended up mixing 2 parts of Millstone with 3 parts Seagul gray from General Finishes Milk Paint to paint the chairs.  I had 6 chairs to finish so I used my Wagner Paint Sprayer.   


I stained the top of the table darker using a mix of 1 part black gel stain to 2 parts java gel stain and painted the base of the table with a mix of 50/50 driftwood and dark chocolate.   

Both the chairs and table were sealed with the High-Performance top coat in flat.  I glazed both the table and chairs using a mix of 10 parts glaze effects in Van Dyke brown and 1 part pitch black.  

If you notice, I ended up staining the seats of the chairs the same as the table top instead of covering with fabric.  I could still add the fabric, but for now, I am liking the wood seats.  I think I will make a table runner with the fabric.  

I took on this crazy project of adding upholstery to 2 of the dining room chairs and the full tutorial on how I did it will be coming soon.  

The before and after side by side so you can truly see the difference.  The slate is still on the top, it is just covered up with the table runner. 

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7 Responses to Dining Room Table Makeover!

  1. Love the new look. What is the manufacturer of
    the gel stain that you used on the table and chairs?

  2. It really looks great! I can’t believe you tufted the backs of those two chairs! You know that color on the table is reading purpleish to me. I was thinking how clever you were to use such a beautiful purple!

    • No purple in my house! It’s grey! I can’t believe I did the chairs either. I have wanted to do it, so I did. I will be posting about those soon and the mistakes, I meant the things I learned! lol

    • Thanks, Toni! Thankfully hubby was on board with the painting, but I do have things in my home that are OFF limits! I hope your hubby lets you get your way on painting yours!

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