Tailgating with a Snickers Bites Recipe!


It is football season and we all know what that means ~ Tailgating!  Mr. DD. is a graduate from The Ohio State University ~ GO BUCKS!  He is a season ticket holder, so that means a lot of tailgating before the games.


I am always trying to come up with some easy to make and easy to travel recipes to take with us when we head down to the game.  I have seen a few versions of the pretzel candy snack and decided why not make a Pretzel Snickers Bites Snack.  This is an easy to make recipe that is stored in the cooler.

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I picked up a few bags of Snickers Bites, Peanut Butter, Pretzels and Peanuts from Wal-Mart.  That is all you need to make this quick and easy recipe.  Do I need to remind you that I am all about simple and easy recipes?  How about a coupon for you to purchase your own Snickers Bites.  You can save $0.50 off on a 2.83 oz bag or $2.00 off on a 7 oz. bag.  Click on any one of the highlighted areas or the picture below to redeem your coupon!

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Now for the Pretzel Snickers Bites Recipe.  Pre heat oven to 350 degrees.  Spread a small amount of peanut butter on the pretzels, place on a baking sheet.  Place a Snickers Bite on the peanut butter and pretzels.  The best thing about the Snickers Bites, is they are not wrapped.  Remember~ SIMPLE and EASY!  Place the baking sheet in the preheated oven and bake for 3 to 5 minutes.  Remove from the oven and place a peanut on top of each Snickers Bites.  Take a spoon and push gently down on the peanut to goosh ( technical term) the Snickers Bites.  Place in the refrigerator to cool.  Store in a sealed container and keep in the refrigerator until game day!

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Now that the snacks are packed, time for tailgating!

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Tailgating would not be complete without corn hole.

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Remember to click to get your COUPON  for savings on your purchase for Snickers Bites.

Who is your favorite team that you would tailgate for?

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4 Responses to Tailgating with a Snickers Bites Recipe!

  1. Ok, you know I love you so keep that in mind when you read this comment:

    GOOOOO BLUE! Hail to the Victors valiant, Hail to the conquering heroes, Hail! Hail! To Michigan the leaders and the best!
    Hail to the Victors valiant, Hail to the conquering heroes, Hail! Hail! To Michigan the Champions of the West!
    GO BLUE!

    – and thanks for the yummy recipe and coupon 😉

    • You make me laugh and I love you too! We will see who has bragging rights come November 30th. Go BUCKS!

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