Stenciled Accent Tables ~ #RoyalDesignStudio

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I have wanted to use some stencils to help transform some of my furniture pieces.  I found these 2 plain and boring tables on Craigslist and knew they would be the perfect pieces to add stenciling.  

Royal Design Studio Stenciled Accent Tables

As you can see from the before picture that these tables were just as I described; plain, boring and in need of some design.  

Stenciled Accent Tables- before

I selected this great “Scrollallover” pattern from Royal Design Studio Stencils.  They have a large selection of all types of stencils and I was very impressed with the amount of furniture stencils.  It was harder to pick a pattern then it was to stencil.   I did have to sand the tops of these tables as they were pretty beat up.  I painted the tables with Pure Earth Paint in the color “Larimar.”  Pure Earth Paint is an all natural paint made with minerals, clay, chalk and earth pigments.  This paint was easy to apply and looked great with the stencil design.  

Centering stencil-Scroll Side Tables

On the smaller table I started by lining up the stencil in the middle of the table.  I taped it in place and was ready to start painting my stencil with the stencil brush and stencil creme in Pearl Oyster.  I have to say that after using the stencil creme, I now want it in every color, I love this stuff. 

Offloading- Royal stencil creme

I used a plate to “offload” some of the paint before I used it over the stencil pattern.  

dab method- stenciling

I used a dabbing method on my tables.  This method allowed the stencil design to have a textured look to it.  


built-in stencil registration marks

Once the stencil creme was dry, I used the built-in stencil registration marks to line up the pattern.  

All over Scroll Side Tables-

The small table I used the stencil pattern 3 times and for the large table I used the pattern 8 times.  

Scroll Side Tables-

I thought the sides of the tables needed a stencil pattern too, so I taped around a design and used that pattern repeatedly on the sides.  

Stenciled Scroll Accent Tables

I love how these plain boring tables turned into a piece of beauty by simply adding paint and stencil creme.  

Have you used stencils before on your walls, floors or furniture? 


Royal Design Studio Stenciled Accent Tables

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41 Responses to Stenciled Accent Tables ~ #RoyalDesignStudio

  1. That looks always.. I’ve always wanted to do something like this to the kids bookshelves, just have yet to do so.. I really like how this one came out!

  2. I love stencils. We have an antique/consignment shop here and one lady refurbishes furniture and stencils a lot of girls pieces. Her pieces sell super fast and she makes a good bit of money doing it.

  3. The tables look great! I’m so bad at stenciling…I’m a perfectionist, but I don’t have the patience to line things up, let things dry, etc. It normally looks like a hot mess… I know who I’m sending anything I need stenciled to now, though!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    – Brooke –

    • Brooke, it does take great patience while things dry. That is why I always have a couple projects going at the same time. When one is drying, I can jump and finish the other project.

  4. Those are so pretty! It’s amazing what a little paint will do! I thought they looked like piano benches ๐Ÿ™‚ Love that pearly white color, too!

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