How to Stain a Basket!

I have slowly been sharing all the things I did to complete my Guest Bedroom Makeover, and today I am showing you how to Stain a Basket. 

How to Stain a Basket

 I saved these storage baskets from the trash.  

How to Stain a Basket

Yes, these were sitting on the side of the road, ready to be picked up for trash day the next morning.  Of course I slammed on the brakes, popped open the hatch and threw them in.  They look pretty good, right!  

How to Stain a Basket-

So they were a little moldy, but is that reason to throw them away?  Most people say yes, I said “Oh, these can be saved.”

How to Stain a Basket-4

The first step was to clean them up.  I took a bristle cleaning brush and throughly dry scrubbed all the dust and dirt from the baskets.  On the areas that were molding, I used a little bit of soapy water and they cleaned right up. Let them dry completely before moving on.  

How to Stain a Basket-5

Next step was to glue down any pieces that were coming away from the basket.  Thankfully, these were in great shape and I did not have to glue that much on the baskets.    My go to product for any glue project is Gorilla Glue. 

How to Stain a Basket-7

Yes, I used this Restore A Finish to stain the baskets.  I had this on had and decided I would use it up before going to buy anymore stain.  Guess what, it works just like stain on a basket.  So, if you don’t have this on hand, you can use regular stain.  I applied with the sponge brush and let it dry for a few days before placing in the room.  Just to make sure, I placed a few layers of newspaper under the baskets until I knew they were good and dry.  

How to Stain a Basket-8

I am sure you can figure out which one is stained!  Yes, the one on the right!   

How to Stain a Basket-

If you are staining a light-colored basket, you will need to do the staining process a couple of times to get it dark.  I did try it on a light color basket and it needed 3 coats to become dark.  

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