No Sew Scarf Valance!

I love when a good plan comes out better than you envisioned it!  That is how my Guest Bedroom makeover turned out, thanks in part to a No Sew Scarf Valance.  

No Sew Scarf Valance-

I won a gift certificate from the Online Fabric store over a year ago and I fell in love with this fabric, Silver Sequin Embroidered Organza and figured this is the fabric I would use in my guest bedroom.  I had the fabric before I had any other thing for this space.  Well, the fabric ended up being the perfect window accessory and it completed the space.  

No Sew Scarf Valance - How to Measure

I started by hanging a string to get a general measurement for how much fabric I would need. 

No Sew Scarf Valance-How to measure and cut

My Rip-Cut ruler came in handy for helping me to cut a straight line. I measured the length I needed for the scarf valance and cut.  

No Sew Scarf Valance- Using Fabric Bond

I used this fabric bond to make my no-sew seam.  This worked perfectly for the sheer material.  It is very hard to sew sheer material without the fabric bunching.  

No Sew Scarf Valance-

I used a damp cloth between the iron and the fabric, just as the instructions stated.  I needed to use my iron on the highest setting and I used full steam, you will need to start low and see what setting will work best for your material and iron. 

No Sew Scarf Valance- Trimming extra fabric

I trimmed up the extra material and they were ready to hang.  It was that simple!  

No Sew Scarf Valance- Gathering fabric

I started by folding the scarf in half so I could find the center of the material and began to gather the material.

No Sew Scarf Valance-How to Hang a Scarf Valance

Once the fabric is gathered in the center, place on the sconce or drapery rod.   No-Sew Scraf Valance-

Secure with a cable tie, not too tight so you can adjust the fabric as needed.  So sorry for the blurry photo.  

No Sew Scarf Valance- Adding the finishing touches

I used a thin piece of the trimmed fabric to tie around the edge of the no-sew border.  Once gathered and tied it looks like a rosette on the end of the scarf valance.  It is the small touches that create the biggest impact.   You can also see how I made my own DIY sconces to hang the scarf valance for under $60.  






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