DIY Drapery Window Sconces!

I wanted to find something that was different and inexpensive to hang up my No-Sew Scarf Valances, so I made my own DIY Drapery Window Sconces.  

DIY Drapery Window Sconces

I used a few simple supplies from Home Depot to complete this task.  

Do-It-Yourself Window Sconces

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I used 6 Square Molding Trim pieces and 6 double-sided screws.  That is it!  Total spent was $55.

Tips and Tricks on how to DIY Window Sconce-

I started by marking off my drill bit so I knew how far to pre-drill my pilot hole.  I used tape since black marker would not show up.  

 How to make inexpensive Window Sconce-

I marked the tip of the double-sided screw with a marker so I knew where to stop and not drill through the square trim piece. I placed the double-sided screw into my Ryobi drill and drilled into the center back of all the trim pieces.

DIY Window Sconce-

Simple, easy and ready to hang on the wall.  

hanging handmade drapery Window SconcesMeasured and marked spots on the wall and drilled a pilot hole and hand screwed the trim pieces into the wall.   Done!  The only thing left is hanging the no-sew scarf!  

DIY Window Sconces

Next week I will share how I made my no-sew scarf valance and how I achieved the pouf at the end of my scarf valances.   Another simple and easy decorating project.  

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