Wall Decor Repurposed Window!

A simple way to add color, charm and character to your decorating is to use a repurposed window.  I knew I wanted a place in my guest bedroom for my guests to hang their towels or other belongs, so I decided that using an old window would be the perfect item.   Click this link if you missed the big reveal of the Guest bedroom Makeover.  

Guest Bedroom Makeover- Wall Decor Repurposed Window

I have a stash of old windows in my garage, I buy them at garage sales or find them on the side of the road.  I mainly use them to makeover and sell at the shop.  I use a few in my own home to decorate and knew that I wanted to use one in my guest bedroom makeover.  

Repurposed Window Coat Hook- Before

I think this one was a freebie!  I started by cleaning it up and removing all the old paint that was on the glass.  I always laugh that people leave the paint on a window pane even though it is very easy to remove after you paint.  

Repurposed Window Coat Hook- Adding Stenciling

I painted the frame using Country Chic Paint in Full Bloom, this was a limited edition color that I used as my accent color in my guest bedroom.  

Repurposed Window Coat Hook- Wall Decor

I found some great stencils at my local craft store and used the Americana Multi-Surface paint in silver metallic.  This was the same paint that I used to stencil on my Thrift store lamp makeover that is in this room as well.  

Window Coat Hook- Wall Decor

Add a few hooks and you have a great wall decor coat hook for your guests to use.  I love the saying and I thought this would be the perfect quote to use in this space.  

Repurposed Window Coat Hook-

It’s the simple touches that make your guests feel welcome in your home.   Here are a few other windows that I have made.   

6 pane Window repurposed into a coat rack-8
Mirrored Repurposed Window
inspirational repurposed window-3
Inspirational Window
Repurposed Window - Wall Decor- Christmas Decorating-17
Merry & Bright Window









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6 Responses to Wall Decor Repurposed Window!

  1. Dede, that turned out so beautiful and I of course love the pink color but the stencils are fabulous. I’m sure your guests will love getting cozy in your guest room. have a great weekend, Lisa

  2. DeDe, so lovely and welcoming! But how in the world do you find windows on the side of the road. I’ve never ever seen furniture or windows on the side of the road (and since following you, I’ve been looking).

    • Susan, It truly is right place and the right time. Today I am painting kitchen drawers that someone in the neighborhood was throwing out when they redid their kitchen. Mr DD laughs at me becuase I pay more attention to trash piles and what is on someone front porch than I do the road and driving!

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