Textured Wallpaper Furniture!

Ever come across plain furniture or furniture that has damage and needs something to cover the damage? Texture Wallpaper Furniture is the answer.  The texture in the wallpaper gives a dimension for plain boring furniture and it helps hide damage on other furniture.  

textured wallpaper furniture

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Using a decoupage method to add wallpaper to furniture is a perfect answer to makeover furniture pieces. 


I remember my grandmother having a few furniture pieces with the leather tops like this side table.  A perfect way to cover up the leather top is with the textured wallpaper.  I also added it to the sides as well as the front of the drawer.  

Wallpaper Side Table-decoupage-organza-3

Wallpaper Side Table-decoupage-organza-5

You can achieve this same look by using General Finishes Milk paint in Linen, seal with High-Performance Flat, glaze with Van Dyke Brown and dry brush with Champagne pearl effects.  

waterfall nightstands-before-vanity turned nightstands

I picked this vanity off the curb, not my first roadside find.  I use to be embarrassed to pick things off the curb, now it’s old hat and I am proud to save them.  

waterfall nightstands-during reconstruction

This vanity was the perfect candidate to turn into nightstands.   You can see the damage the insides had after I removed the center support.  This is the perfect situation to use the textured wallpaper to cover up the damage.  I used wood filler to fill the missing veneer areas and sanded out to smooth.  


You can achieve this look by using Amy Howard One step paint in Barefoot in the Park, and Dark antique wax.  

Textured-WallPaper-Dresser- GeneralFinishes- #Sponsor-Painted Furniture (19 of 20)

If you want to learn how to decoupage the textured wallpaper onto furniture and see the products I used, visit my post from the Decoupage Wallpaper dresser.



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One Response to Textured Wallpaper Furniture!

  1. What a fantastic idea with the raised wall paper!! Those leather tops can be a nightmare! Thank you for sharing! You did a great job!!! Well done you!!

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