Levolor “Custom Size Now” Blind and my Next House Project!

Last week I shared that I went shopping for a Levolor “Custom Size Now” Blind and today I am going to share how easy it was to install them and the space that is next on my house projects list.



My home is full of custom blinds from Levolor and I am thrilled with my experience with the “Custom Size Now” cordless faux wood blinds I purchased a few weeks ago.    Custom Size Now are Levolor® blinds & shades that can be cut to width for Free at Lowe’s.

Levelor Custom Now Blinds-2

The installation was as simple as my shopping experience.  I love the fact that I was able to have a custom size that day and took them home and installed all in the same day!  Cross that project off my list, all in one day!  You can also watch this video to see how great these look in any space and how easy they ate to install.  

-Custom Size Now- Levolor Faux Wood Blinds

Levolor® faux wood blinds come standard with the exclusive Lightmaster feature.  This feature increases privacy, light control, and allows for easier cleaning. I also love the cordless feature.  My other custom made Levolor blinds that are in my home all have the Lightmaster and cordless features as well.  

 -Custom Size Now- Levolor Faux Wood Blinds-4Installation was so simple!  Screw the brackets to the inside of the window, place the blinds in the brackets, attached the wand and decorative headrail and your task is complete!  You can truly have custom size blinds purchased, cut and installed in one day!  

Now for the plans I have for this space.  This was on my list to do last year, but you all know how those things work. This space is the attic stairway of my home.  This space leads to the third floor boys bedrooms. You can see those by clicking on these links, part 1 and part 2

Attic Stairway-3


My first task was to get rid of that NASTY roller shade – DONE!  

Attic Stairway

The next task is to remove the wall paper from this space.  This will not be a fun task at all being that the ceiling height is about 12 feet on the middle landing.

Attic Stairway-2

Now here is where I need your help on what do so with this feature wall on the landing.  The height below the window is about 6 foot, so here are a few options I was considering for the wall.  

textured walls

I am thinking of doing the bottom of the wall below the window in some sort of texture and paint the top.  Which wall texture do you think I should do for this space?  Leave me a comment with your vote!   You can also stop over to read how easy shopping for my “Custom Size Now Blind” was.  signature






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17 Responses to Levolor “Custom Size Now” Blind and my Next House Project!

  1. I love the change, DeDe – and I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the wall styles you’re considering. With the white I’m leaning towards beadboard, but I’m beadboard crazy right now. Such a huge improvement with the Levolor blinds!

  2. The Levolor cordless blinds look great on your window. Loving your staircase! There are so many beautiful ways your could redo your landing! I’m sure you’ll have fun and it will look stunning no matter which one you choose:)

  3. I love how the blinds turned out! They really brighten up the space. Great options for under the window! I think option B would look great with the stair rail.

    • Hi Ginnie, I think I agree with you that something white would look best against the trim! I am going to try to darken the trim a bit after tearing down the wall paper and carpet!

  4. That window already looks better with the blinds, and I love your design choices for that wall! I like treatment A, but I think B or C is probably more in keeping with the style of what I can see of your house. I guess my vote would be B.

I love to hear your feedback, please leave comments!