How to Organize Christmas Decor!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on fancy containers to store your Christmas decorations.  You can purchase basic storage containers and get creative with your storage techniques.  The most important part is the grouping and organizing, that way it makes it so much easier for the following year.  

How to Organize Christmas Decor

I love organizing and find it makes it much easier on me to keep an organized home.  I have been known to rearrange the dishwasher, because my kids don’t do it my organized way because it is more efficient to run a full dishwasher.  I do try not to obsessive on how they put the silverware in the tray.  Ok, back to Christmas decorating!  


Basement Storage Shelves


As you can see my containers are different sizes and colors.   Over the years I have purchased a few each year; as to not break the bank on storage containers.   You can always use boxes until you have the funds to switch over to clear plastic containers.  I recommend clear plastic since they hold up longer than cardboard, you can see inside, and they easily stack.  A few years ago, Mr. DD built these great shelves in our basement storage area.  This has helped to keep this area organized and much easier to pull out a container instead of stacking on top of each other and always needing the one on the bottom.  Sound familiar?   


I use my label maker but you can easily handwrite on a piece of paper and tape it to the outside of the container.  You can be very basic or use some pretty fancy labels.   Here are a few free labels if you want fancy labels.  You can do a search on Pinterest and find all kinds of free pretty labels.  

Free Round-Labels



I start by organizing each container and being very specific about what is in the storage container.   I organize by room and tree.  I have 2 trees so all the ornaments for a specific tree are  together in the same containers.  I find this to work best because you may not want to put up a second tree or you rotate your themes each year.  This will save you time instead of sorting out all the ornaments, they will already be grouped together and you wont have to touch the containers that you do not want to use.

Using What you Have on hand to hold your ornaments:

Here are a few creative ideas to use what you have in your home to organize your ornaments and bulbs. 

egg carton ornament storage
DIY ornament organizer


ornament storage

You can use egg cartons, coffee filters or plastic cups to hold small ornaments and bulbs, they stack nicely in a container.  

 Getting Creative to organize the lights:

Using a Hanger for Christmas light storage


using Cardboard to organize christmas lights
hanging light storage

 You can store lights with hangers, cardboard or poles to keep them from tangling around the others.  

Wrapping Paper Storage: 

wrapping paper storage using a shoe caddy

 wrapping paper containersFinding simple ways to use an existing container and turning  it into a container that works better for your Christmas wrapping needs.   I like the idea of having all your wrapping items all together that way when you are wrapping presents, you don’t have to search for tape, scissors or bows.

assorted plastic containersOf course you can spend your money on the expensive fancy storage containers, but I would rather spend my money on more Christmas decor.  How about you, do you have fancy containers or do you get creative?


How to Organize and Put Away Christmas Decor    

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4 Responses to How to Organize Christmas Decor!

  1. Hey DeDe. Shared on my FB page today. I still need to take my christmas stuff down. I know…a little late and slow moving. 🙂

  2. Try using the liquor and wine boxes for ornaments, their dividers cushion bottles in shipment, so are sturdy enough for the trip to the basement. The dividers can be put into plastic bins if you don’t want to use the cardboard box. Ornaments can be protected with tissue or paper towling. I also use these boxes for storing Christmas dishes and glassware, candlesticks etc.

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