DIY – After Shower Body Oil!

I have started to make my own personal products to replace having to buy expensive organic brands.  I decided I would make my own after shower oil.   There are times when a homemade product does not work as well, but this body oil does it job without having to spend the extra money.

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I had all the ingredients on hand, so why not make my own and save some money.  This post contains some affiliate links. Click here for my full disclosure policy.

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I only had to purchase the dark glass bottles for my DIY shower oil.  It is recommended to use dark glass bottles when using essential oils.  The dark glass helps to protect the oil from light and using glass prevents the oil from penetrating into a plastic bottle.  

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Body/Shower Oil
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  1. 4 teaspoons Almond Oil
  2. 2 teaspoons Olive Oil
  3. 2 teaspoons Coconut Oil
  4. 20 drops lavendar essential oil
  1. Using a funnel, pour oils in to glass bottle.
  2. Add essential oil.
  3. Shake before each use.
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Olive Oil: Olive oil contains  three major antioxidants, when topically applied, help protect the skin from premature skin aging.

Coconut Oil:  Coconut oil is rich in many proteins. These proteins keep skin healthy and rejuvenated, both internally and externally.

Lavender Essential Oil:  Soothes skin irritations and eases feelings of tension.

Not all essential oil are created equal.  Read here why I choose to use doTerra oils.

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I use this shower oil for my dry spots that happen in the winter time.   I tend to get dry patches on my hips and calfs so I use this when getting out of the shower and I can always tell when I forget to use it.  Have you made your own personal products?




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    • Numnee, For this recipe I do not use fractionated oils. Thanks for inquiring. The only time I use a fractionated oil is if I am needing to dilute the oil for direct application.

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