Completed The Third Sons Scrapbook!

4 completed scrapbooks!

I can’t believe what a great feeling it was when I completed the last page to my sons scrapbook.  Let me start by saying I did not start my sons scrapbooks when they were babies, no I waited until each of them where seniors in high school.  Not only did I wait to do their scrapbooks when they were seniors in high school. I waited until it was after Christmas of their senior school year.  I have completed each scrapbook for the boys for their graduation, and we share the BOOKS at their graduation party.  I started these last books for Mack in January of this year, and just completed the last page.  It’s official because I put All my scrapbook supplies away.  I usually only scrapbook during the winter months, these 4 books took longer than expected.

I wanted to share some of my layouts.  I do not like to do a lot of layering in my books.  I like to see pictures with a little establishment.

Newborn Layout!
Turning 1 Layout!
Baby’s First Christmas Layout!

I also would love to share an idea I had about the school projects.  I had draws full of gifts and school projects from the boys.  I decided to sort them by school year and photograph the projects.  This allowed me to place the pictures of their projects into the scrapbook pages.  I also did not feel guilty by not saving them any longer, since we now have all the memories of each project in the scrapbook.  I thought this was the BEST idea ever.  I did have to save some of the very special projects.  Here is a layout with the school projects.

Documenting school projects with photos!

Another cool thing that I have done with some of the page layouts is to make a collage.  This allowed me to put 5+ pictures on the layout.  I ordered the collage from Wal-Mart.  Here is the photo link,

The collage print in an 8 x 10 is only $2.84.  I also ordered some collage prints and cut them apart, this allowed me to have small pictures to use on the layout.  Here are a few examples.

Collage print on the left side of page layout.

Here are a few more of my favorite layouts.

Vacation Layout!
Prom Layout!

My advice is to not wait until the senior year in high school to start a scrapbook.  Now, I need to heed my advice since my last son is an incoming Sophomore.   What advice or methods do you use to stay on track with your scrap-booking?  Leave your comments below to help us all stay on top of our photos.


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